Rare Animal Born On Wisconsin Farm

Jun 1st, 2020

We have heard in the news about a two-headed child. But have you ever seen a two-headed animal? This might sound like something out of a fantasy movie, but it is a rare incident that happens in real life.

If it is hard to believe, imagine the shock of these farmers when one of their goats gave birth to a two-headed kid!

Jocelyn Nueske of the Nueske Farms LLC explained that they have hundreds of goats born every year. They mange and milk goats for a living. And never even once in her lifetime was she able to witness or have two-headed goats. This is a first for her and for the entire family.

It was such a bizarre yet amazing moment for the Wisconsin goat farmers. Because of this, the family decided to name the goat kid “Janus” after the Roman God with two heads. The goat has two mouths, four eyes, and four ears. Because of that, they feed it through both of the mouths.

Jocelyn said, “He’s a normal goat. We just have to help him. We try to help him as much as we can, and give him a break when he gets tired.”

The family is hoping that their special goat will get stronger and would start walking in a month, just like other goat kids do. And if it survives its first month, they will be keeping Janus as their pet.

On their Facebook post, the family said, “We understand and respect that people may have different opinions about our little Janus. We made the decision to care for this unique baby and are willing to share this rare and special experience with others.”

After his first visit to the dentist, the farmers confirmed that Janus is in good health. They also revealed that it is thought that their goat has two brains that are just fused together at the back of their skills. The kid also has two fully-formed craniums that are fused to their spinal cord.

Their lungs, heart, and limbs are also functioning properly. However, the animal only has one stomach despite having a pair of nearly all its body parts.

The family added, ‘Baby Janus continues to amaze us and we are happy to have Wisconsin Valley Veterinary Service on board to help us look after his well being.’

While recalling Janus’s birth, his owner said, “I noticed that the mother was having trouble having her second baby, which was completely normal. I started to assist her and I was very confused at first but then I realized the heads were attached and I was very shocked. It had four legs, two ears, four eyes, and two noses.

We have been milking goats for six years and never had anything like this. We usually have around 700 babies born each year and nothing like this has ever happened until now. ”

Jocelyn added, “We’re just doing the best we can to keep him strong and healthy, and hoping for the best. We are a very caring family farm, we try our best to help any animal we can.”

This rare occurrence happens when an embryo splits and forms twins. However, the twins do not split completely. And this is what is called ‘polycephaly.’ And this can also occur on the other way around where the animal will have two separate embryos and incompletely fuse to form a two-headed creature.