The Purpose Behind Those Circles On Tupperware Lids

Sometimes, when we buy something, there are these tiny details that we fail to its importance. Just like the circles on the lids of the GLAD containers. Not many people who own them understand what they are for. When in fact, they are very important to prevent you from having to deal with soggy meals!

One mom was sharing her weekly meal prep on Twitter and decided to talk about it. Gracie surely knows how to make people drool over her food, people can’t help but notice that she is using containers that many are using on a daily basis.

Gracie was preparing some salads and placed them in Glad plastic containers. And if you have them, for sure you noticed that there are these tiny plastics that are attached to the larger lid. She popped those open, placed some dip on it to make sure that it did not get in contact with her salad.

Now, that is what those tiny circles are for. What a clever idea!

They are not just there as a design. In fact, you can pop them open and add anything that you need for the meal, like dressings, dips, or toppings. You can add basically anything that you need for the meal to prevent it from getting soggy while sitting on the fridge for days. For sure, not many of us were aware of what those were used for.

She received numerous comments about this new revelation. Here’s what her followers have to say about it:

“UM. How am I just now finding out that the circle on these lids are actually lids for the tiny containers?! Someone please tell me I’m not the only one.”

“Omg that’s what that thing in the middle is for…”

“Learn something new every day!”

It seemed like a lot of people missed this fun fact about the Glad containers. GLAD marketed the lids as it is but nobody even thought that the tiny plastics on the lids are meant to do something. That is definitely a cool discovery!

Now, you can make your meal preps without having to worry that they would go soggy after a couple of days. With salads, you can keep your dressing on the tiny plastic and probably now see its worth.

GLAD containers are everywhere. You can find them at any stores near you. That is why this is one of the best choices when it comes to food containers. These containers do not contain any phthalates, polycarbonate, or Bisphenol A (BPA) that is why they are safe to use. They can be stored in the fridge or in the freezer and you can heat up meals in the microwave while still in the container.

And what’s good about these containers is that they are not meant for single-use only. All of the Glad containers are reusable. You can just wash them with your dishes and use them the next time. In fact, the Glad containers, storage bags, and even the freezer bags are all recyclable. So even though you are using plastic, you are assured that they can be recycled anywhere that accepts plastic for recycling purposes.

So do not be surprised why many people use Glad containers for their weekly meal preps. They are affordable and very easy to use.