Puppy Buries Its Face In Rescuers’ Arms After Realizing That Finally, He is Safe.

Nov 20th, 2020

They say that it takes courage, patience, and lots of love and understanding if one decides to have a pet. Simply because having one is not going to be that easy. Animals have feelings too. For example, dogs would know if they are being cared for and loved. But despite the abuse that many of them have to live with, they still choose to be loving and loyal to their owners.

That is why it is heartbreaking to hear news about dogs that are being abused by their humans. Sometimes, it is puzzling to think about how some humans can have the heart to hurt, abuse, and neglect their pets. And sadly, this is still happening up to this day.

Some people would bring pets to their lives and make them a part of their families. They provide the love and care that these animals deserve. Unfortunately, not all people are like that. There are pet owners who simply don’t care about their pets.

And when they don’t feel like not having their pets anymore, they will abandon them or simply neglect these animals. And no matter how we try to understand why they would subject these animals to such abuse, we just can’t.

This is exactly what happened to this little dog that was rescued and is now living a happy and content life. The pooch was just a puppy when he was discovered in a building that was filled with trash and rubble. A Good Samaritan called the Stray Rescue of St. Louis.

The area where the puppy was found was used by the neighbors as a dumping area. The place was dirty and unsanitary even for a stray animal to live.

And when the rescue team arrived, they found that the scared dog was hiding behind a pile of junk, his face was covered in wounds. Stray Rescue shared this story on their Facebook page. They wrote: “He’s just a little puppy. His eyes are messed up and he has puncture wounds on his face. Despite what he’s been through, he is so happy.

He is safe now. ” But even though the pup was clearly nervous, he seemed to feel that he was being rescued. And when rescue worker Donna approached him, the pooch started to wag his tail.

The rescuers tried to understand how the dog, whom they now named “Chowder,” ended up in that terrible place. According to the person who called for help to rescue the pup, mentioned that some people in the neighborhood are involved in dogfighting. So there is a huge possibility that Chowder had been used as a bait dog.

And if that’s the case, nobody can fathom the fear that this pup probably felt its entire life.

And when the rescuers finally carried Chorder to the car to bring him to safety, he buried his face into Donna’s arms. The pup was very emotional and no doubt relieved that finally, somebody is bringing him away from this dump.

Stray Rescue further wrote, “He just buried his face in our arms on his freedom ride. The thought of anyone treating him bad makes us so weepy. This angel needs us. We’re so grateful to the callers for taking action.”

And now, Chowder is recovering in the shelter. Soon enough, he will be starting his new life, and hopefully, find his forever home.