Punks Pour Hot Glue On Boy But Then Cops Arrive And Situation Takes Turn For The Worse

Apr 15th, 2019

Being a teenager is a challenging phase in our lives, especially if you have a disability that will make you act and look different from the other kids around you. Bullies are everywhere and they target those who think that are weaker and have no capacity to defend themselves. A fifteen-year-old boy experienced bullying in the cruelest way possible but one encounter with two law enforcers will change his life forever.

Victor, a 15-year old teenager who had a firsthand experience with a bully meets two police officers who have changed his life for the better. Victor is visually impaired so he had a hard time seeing things which is the trigger for bullies to taunt him because of the glasses that he had to wear.

One school day, a bully poured hot glue on Victor’s arms and from that day, he swore that he had enough. The teachers called 911 for a fear that he might want to take his life because of his cruel experiences. When two Denver police officers arrived on campus to check on him, the suspicions of the teachers were right. Victor wanted to end his life.

Officers Monique Sedbury and Alicia Martinez arrived on the scene and after a short talk with Victor, they acted quickly and rushed him to the hospital for a psychiatric treatment. From that moment on, the two officers promised not to abandon this teen who is desperately in need of their help. “This was the toughest call for us.

His teacher called 911 and said he was being bullied and he wanted to end his life,” one of the officers shared during an interview.

According to the reporter for CBS News, over 2,000 teenagers commit suicide every year. And Victor will never be part of this statistics because of the help of these two officers who went above and beyond to help a child in need. “He got to my heart. He really got to me,” One of the officers said.

After his psychiatric visit to the hospital, the two officers promised that they will do everything they can to make sure that Victor will have good friends, and that means they will be his good friend.

According to the officers, they talk with Victor all the time and they even go to Karate classes and other events with him. When Victor was asked how often does he see the two officers he said, “Often.” The officers treat him like their little brother and Victor says that it was helpful for him that they stayed in his life. “Anytime I wanted to talk to them, they would answer,” Victor said.

Victor is a totally different kid now compared to the first time that these officers rescued him. His demeanor is better and he transferred to a new school, away from his bullies. Victor can see more clearly now because of his corneal transplant. He even cracked a joke with the reporter when he was asked if he can see him clearly.

He laughed and said, “I can tell you are pretty old. ” And the reporter can’t help but laugh. Victor is a happy child and he will clearly have a better life ahead of him.