Professionals Now Warn Parents To Stop Leaving Their Kids Alone With Their Grandparents

Jun 11th, 2019

Your child’s safety should be a priority.

If there is one thing that has proven to be incredibly dynamic over time, it will be the general rule that governs the art of parenting.

Here are a few instances for a while you were supposed to ensure that babies slept on their sides. Now, scientists have come out to refute this, saying that the babies should rather be made to sleep on their backs as side-sleeping puts them at risk of dying at night.

Also, babies were once tucked in at night with the use of a blanket. Now scientists would rather that parent don’t use blankets or leave anything loose in the crib as it increases the chance of a baby suffering a fatal injury.

As a lot of things continue to change in the realm of parenting, you’ll see that the way things are done today is radically different from how they were done when our grandparents were grooming kids of their own. Due to this knowledge gap, experts also advise that parents should ensure not to leave their kids in the hands of grandparents because the parenting methods of grandparents are risky and dated.

Research shows that grandparent are of the habit of doing things that can increase their risk of death. As mentioned above, these include letting babies sleep on their sides, putting loose things in the crib while the baby sleeps, and putting babies with fevers into ice baths.

Now that there are a lot of grandparents who are helping with childcare the research can raise a lot of worries grandparents to assume that their methods are safe because they raised their kids with them and these kids didn’t end up dying in their cribs.

“We shouldn’t assume that just because they’ve raised a child before, they’re experts,” said study author Dr. Andrew Adesman, chief of developmental and behavioral pediatrics at Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New York.

From those who were surveyed about one in four grandparents didn’t know that the right way for babies to sleep is on their backs. I a baby sleeps on its side or belly, then the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome will increase drastically. The threat is especially alarming for kids between the ages of one month and one year.

It is important that grandparents and parents are educated on the right ways to raise these kids. If research can prove useful in improving the quality of life of a baby, then you’d think that people will want to go by that.

Pediatrician Dr. Tanya Altmann is of the beef that parents also need to be tested.

“I’d love to see this study redone and given to the parents. I think people would be surprised,” she told CNN.

When grandparents are made to care for children they should try to be open about new ways of doing things. Developments in areas such as nutrition, discipline and sleep habits have been reached through decades of study. These tactics can actually help in saving the lives of these children. If ignored, the lives of these kids can be put in danger.

If a child is at the home of a grandparent, the house should be proofed. Ensure that dangerous items are away from the kid’s reach, and be wary of button batteries that are used in appliances like hearing aids. If a child ends up swallowing one, he or she could die.