Couple Announces Their Pregnancy With A Hilarious Video

By Regina Young

With social media serving as the primary form of contact these days, it’s no surprise when couples take to the digital world to make their big life announcements, including everything from engagements to pregnancies to weddings. Newly expecting parents Cassie and Justin decided to take their social media announcement one step further, though, teaming up to create a hilarious parody video to unveil their pregnancy to the world!

Food, Fetty Wap, and funny outtakes, this video has it all! Starting off with a jab at the infamous food cravings that come with pregnancy, the happy couple poke fun at all of Cassie’s expected food cravings, throwing in references to their favorite dishes to the tune of Fetty Wap’s smash hit “Trap Queen,” with Justin deeming his baby mama as his “Snack Queen.”

When asked how the couple plans to choose a name for their child, they insinuate that the 2004 tune “Freek-A-Leek” is the perfect muse to find a unique name, apostrophe’s and all.

Lastly, the spotlight is put on Justin, who is asked what he wants to be called as a father. Pushing aside common names like “Dad” or “Daddy,” Justin segways to a daydream with the soundtrack of Biggie Smalls singing “Big Papa.”

The couple finishes the video of their hilarious mashup with a blooper from the “Snack Queen” set, showing off their adorable relationship and showcasing the true chemistry between the two.

“Can you even believe we are going to be parents?” they ask at the end of the video. We can! Looks like their future child has a lifetime of hijinks and hilarity in their future!

What’s your favorite pregnancy reveal on social media? We want to know!

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