Police Explain Why You Shouldn’t Abbreviate 2020 When Signing Checks

May 29th, 2020

How do you write the date? Are you the type of person who likes abbreviating words and dates? If you are, then stop doing it this 2020!

According to many law enforcement officers, we should refrain from shortening “2020”, especially on our legal documents. Why? This can potentially put you at risk. This is because this abbreviation can be easily modified and it can be taken against you in the future.

For example, if you abbreviate 2020 and write it as “20” it can be expanded by someone and make it appear like any other year. So if you are used to writing “01/25/20” instead of “01/25/2020” you should stop doing this now. Nobody wants to be scammed, not even you.

This is why the police department in the state of Maine in the United States asked its residents to take this warning seriously, especially when it comes to their professional or legal paperwork. If you continue doing what you’re used to, scammers can easily forge your document and tweak the date. This is an existing problem in this generation.

What online scammers can do is use this subtle loophole in doing things that can work against you. It would be easy for them to add digits and make it appear like a different date. This can lead you into a financial mess.

This was not a problem in the previous years, like in 2018 or 2019. Simply because if you add digits to the abbreviated year which is “18” or “19,” it will only bring you back to the date in the 1900s or 1800s. But for 2020, the case would be different. The year “20” can give scammers more options to use.

For example, all they need is to add “19” to make it 2019, or “10” to make the date 2010. This can put you into big trouble.

This news has been spreading globally. People are reposting, sharing, and re-tweeting this to their friends and family on any social media platforms. This might not be something huge for some people, but it can be extremely important to those who are constantly dealing with checks and legal paperwork. A simple mistake can lead to a huge problem in the future.

Even though many people are not worried about this, the police departments are being vocal regarding this issue. They have handled many cases related to various scams and online issues, and this could be one of them. Any date can be modified and the year “20” is definitely one of the easiest ones for scammers and fraudsters.

Remember that online criminals are always on the lookout for whatever tiny detail that they can use against you. The police are doing everything they can to warn everyone about this new modus, but you too can make a difference. Help spread this warning to protect others too. This way, worldwide awareness can help each one of us.

Making this tiny difference can protect you and your finances. Make that change to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. If you don’t problems may arise at the most unexpected times. So stop using abbreviations when writing dates. Write it as 2020 instead of 20. You can thank yourself later on in the future.