Place A Sock On Your Car’s Dashboard This Winter

Sep 10th, 2019

Every season has its downsides, when winter hits and the temperature drops, there are certain things you won’t be able to do. One of such is being able to wear any cloth you want without fear of turning to an ice statue; another is simply hopping into your car when you wake up in the morning and zoom off.

Some new things will have to be added to your daily schedule. You might need to first warm up your car and allow the defroster run for a while if you can see out of the window. Of course, this can take a lot of time and can be quite tedious as well.

But thankfully good old hacks come to the rescue again, and you can cut time and energy spent on this winter morning ritual with nothing more than a sock and some little tricks and tips here and there.

Do you want your car to be ready for zoom-off the moment you step in? Then follow this simple hack All you need is a clean old sock free from holes or any other structural defect that will not allow it to hold something. You also need to find some cat litter preferably a low/no odour type and good old masking tape.

Fill up your socks with the litter then secure its open ends with the masking tape to ensure the litter does not pour out. As for the size of socks you should use, the ideal type will be small tube sick which can hold adequate litter and still leave plenty of room at its end so you can easily seal it off with the masking tape. You then simply place this litter filled sock on your car dashboard whenever you have it parked for the night.

If you want to keep the back window free from fog too, you can get second socks prepared this way and place it there as well. This simple trick will help you save several minutes that would have been otherwise spent on worrying about getting rid of fog on your windshield.

For those particularly interested in the science of all things and would like to know and why this even works, it is pretty simple. Kitty litter is quite exceptional at absorbing moisture. First, it’s not news that the condensation on the window f your vehicle is as a result of moisture trapped in the air within the cabin of the vehicle.

Since the kitty litter absorbs moisture from the air, you can reduce the amount of condensation on the window by simply placing the litter next to it.

The winter month is characterised by cold temperature which quite expectedly results in the interior of the car is slightly warmer than its exterior, hence the condensation within the vehicle. The opposite occurs when you grab a glass of cold water on a summer afternoon.

Only that this time the condensation is reversed as it is on the outside of the glass and not within since external temperature is higher than that of the water inside in this case.

What do you think about this trick, have you been faced with the problem of getting rid of fog on your windshield in the past? Do you see yourself trying this hack? Let us know in the comment box below.