Photo Showing Why Women Need Lots Of Time To Recover After Childbirth Goes Viral

Jan 10th, 2019

Most times, after the birth of a child the attention shifts to the baby and the mother is left to take care of herself. What most spouses or partners may not know is that the mother requires a lot of attention especially after the delivery because her body needs to recover from the roller-coaster of hormones and physical exertions it has been through.

There is no way she can be expected to be okay after spending hours pushing a baby out or even having her belly cut, and the baby removed.

In a Facebook post that is going viral, one woman named Laura Fry showed the world exactly what happens to a woman after she has given birth. This was in a bid to educate the spouses and partners on why such women should be given a lot of time to recover without being rushed. Many other women online have appreciated the simple illustration and weighed in on the matter with others even giving stories on their personal experiences.

The plate post has received thousands of likes and shares, as well as a remarkable number of comments and is still trending on the internet.

The image that Laura posted is that of a typical home plastic plate. There is a tape ruler on it that shows it to be approximately 8. 6 inches, in other words, twenty-two centimeters. Laura goes ahead to explain that that is the average width of a placenta.

After giving birth, the placenta leaves a wound of equal size inside the uterus of the woman. This is why she may easily contract infections or even bleed out if she exerts herself too hard. Imagine having an internal wound as wide as a plate.

Sounds painful?

While women are usually given a standard maternity leave of twelve weeks, Laura points out that they need a lot more time to heal. Even a year if possible. She goes ahead to explain that even when the woman feels fine, she should still give herself more time to recover or she could easily start hemorrhaging. Her body is also still adjusting to the shape it was in before the pregnancy.

One woman who read her story commented on it, supporting Laura’s advice. She gave her story; she felt fine a week after delivery and decided to visit the park. The walk there was extremely difficult, and she took twice the usual time to heal.

Apart from the wound, women also go through a ton of other problems. They have injuries on their birth canals due to the tear that comes with the delivery. This may make it incredibly difficult to pee or even walk. They may have to use ice-packs, warm baths, and even over-the-counter pain relievers to ease the pain.

Women also experience contractions similar to those that come with menstrual flows. According to doctors, these contractions help to prevent excessive bleeding by compressing the blood vessels in the uterus. They are especially common when breastfeeding. Doctors usually prescribe over-the-counter pain relievers to help with the pain.

This information proves that women need a lot of time to heal before resuming with their usual lives. They should be taken care of and kept away from hard tasks that require them to strain.