Pet Has 9 Pounds Of Fur Shaved Off After Shelter Takes Possession

Feb 13th, 2020

Animal rescue teams are always on the lookout for stray and animals who are in dire need of help. They witness what animal abuse can do to animals every single day. They are the ones who have to deal with fierce, scared, or lonely animals as a result of abuse from their previous owners. Some of them are also rescued from high-kill shelters and others are found living in the streets.

Ellie Mae is one of these dogs. She was brought to the Nebraska Humane Society a few months back. At first, the NEHS was not sure what this animal was just by looking at it. Nobody ever thought that she would turn out to be a small and alive dog!

According to NEHS, this poor pooch was discovered by the volunteers by accident. They were cleaning out a deceased owner’s house. The place was full of stuff. Just like the state of its previous owner’s house, Ellie was clearly neglected for some time now.

One of the volunteers told the reporters that when they found Ellie Mae, she looked like a container of dirty mops. But when they saw her move a bit, they knew that she was some kind of creature but they could not figure it out yet. What they didn’t know was that the dog was strangled by its matted fur that it prevents her from walking.

So the rescuers decided to place her in a plastic bin and take her to the humane society where they could help her.

As soon as the volunteers arrived at the NEHS, the dog was unrecognizable. The volunteer staff worked on her right away. They remembered having a similar experience in the past where they had to amputate the dogs’ leg because of the lack of blood flow. What they are hoping is that they would not have to do this again this time.

Ellie Mae was placed under anesthesia so they would be able to insert a breathing tube on her and start getting to work.

Three shelter workers huddled around her and slowly clipped away the mas of fur that covered her entire body. After they did it, they could not believe what they found. One of the shelter staff shared this experience on Twitter saying, “As our team clipped away, they found something extraordinary.

Ellie Mae’s legs were pink with blood flow. The added matting and length were seven-inch toenails that were cocooned in hair, feces and years of grit. ”

According to the staff, when they brought the dog in, she weighed 20 pounds. What they didn’t know is that most of her weight was from that matted fur that probably mixed with dirt. After her old mass of fur was cut away, Ellie Mae only weighed 11 pounds. That means that she was carrying around about 9 pounds of fur!

For the workers, this was the worst that they have ever seen. She suffered but her condition could have been worse.

Pam Wiese, the NEHS representative explained that after they cleaned up Ellie Mae, they were amazed to find out that she doesn’t have any health issues. It seemed like her massive shell of her protected her delicate skin from possible infections and parasites.

It took an hour to remove the 9 pounds of matted weight from Ellie Mae's 11-pound body. One food was infected. She would need hernia surgery, dental work, and she had muscle wasting and arthritis in her back end, after years of not being used.

— Nebraska Humane Society (@NEHumaneSociety) September 13, 2019