People Are Milking Cucumbers. You Should Try It Too!

Jan 14th, 2022

Did you know that animals are not the only ones that are milked? Even fruits too! There are good reasons why people these days are milking cucumbers. This is a fruit but most of the time, it is used as a vegetable. This is probably the reason why many believe that cucumbers are vegetables when in reality, they are fruits.

If you love making a bowl of salad at home, then there is no doubt that you have cucumber in your fridge right now. People are using cucumber in their salad because of its nutritious value. It can also be eaten as a side dish to give your meal some freshness.

Some eat them as is or they are served with other greens. There are also others who add cucumber to the dishes that they are cooking.

No matter how you want to take your cucumber, you aim for the cucumbers to maintain their fresh taste. But most of the time, we shop in bulk. And if you do too, you have to learn how to keep your cucumbers fresh.

For sure you have noticed that the more the cucumbers stay in the fridge, the less fresh and juicy it becomes. And when this happens, you would not enjoy eating them anymore so they end up in your trash.

If you are having problems keeping your cucumber fresh, then follow this popular Tik Tok video uploaded by @basicallyperfekt.

According to the TikToker, you should milk the cucumbers to keep them fresh. In the video, she demonstrates how to milk the cucumbers to get their natural taste. She shared that she learned this from her sister-in-law who had been taught by his husband’s southern grandfather.

This life hack clip has surely helped her gain more followers and show an increase in views on her videos. This simply means that there are a lot of people out there who are interested to give this trick a try.

For your cucumber to retain its freshness, cut one slice from your cucumber and rub it off the tip of your fruit in a circular motion to its end. During the process, you will get this foamy and milky stuff. This is the milking process that will make your cucumbers taste less bitter.

This technique releases the cucurbitacin compound in the cucumbers that giving them a bitter taste. Remember that the more the cucurbitacin component in the cucumber, the more bitter it gets.

You see, cucurbitacin is usually found in stems, leaves, and roots of some plants like cucumbers and squash. This organic compound can also be found in the fruits of these plants. So for your cucumbers to taste juicy and crispy even if you have stocked them, rub the sliced end against your cucumber to get rid of the cucurbitacin and lower its bitterness level.

You can also peel its outermost layer since cucurbitacin is highly concentrated in the epicarp layer as well as beneath it.

Aside from this way of lessening the bitterness in cucumbers, there is also another method of doing it but without spreading cucurbitacin all over the fruit.

James M. Stephens, a professor in vegetable crops based at Florida University Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, advises that “You should start at the bottom end of the fruit and slice towards the end of the stem but stop at about an inch from the stem.”

Once you have completed each slice, just wash your knife repeatedly until you are done. So if you don’t like bitter cucumber and if you want to retain its freshness, then try these tips.