People Are Freaking Out Over Photos Of Cat’s Face

Mar 25th, 2020

Cats are just so adorable and cute. Just like human babies, kittens are irresistible. You just want to cuddle them up and pet them all day long while they purr in satisfaction. One of the most adorable of the lot of them is the Maine coon breed. One of the biggest and also one of the oldest breeds of cats. There are also one of the most majestic creatures.

One thing we love so much about these cats is the many beautiful and cute faces they make. They just make you fall in love with them over and over again, but they can get spooky too. With wide bulging colored eyes that seem to look at you as if they are seeing right through your soul.

A Maine Coon kitten is making the internet buzz with one of such killer cat looks. A video of the kitten known as Valkyrie was posted on Instagram by its owner and the cat has since become an internet sensation with the video getting views several times and people making various comments about the cat’s strange human-like face.

many have described it as absolutely beautiful, some have called it stunning while others who have been spooked find the cat’s look weird and creepy.

It is hard to say what exactly is responsible for the cat’s “Creepy” human-like face, maybe it’s just a trick he picked up or maybe he just looks that way because of how his face has been structured. All the same, it’s a beautiful look coming from Valkyrie if you are able to see past the initial spookiness of its look. You can check out the video yourself if you doubt.

Maine Coon cats are special breeds of cats that are unique and different from any others. Cat enthusiasts and those who own a Maine Coon cat can testify to the fact that the majestic Cats display highly intelligent manners hence the suggestion that Valkyrie was probably remaking a face he had seen a human make in the past.

What the cats are more popular for however is their size which has earned them a nickname as the gentle giants. They are the largest breeds of domestic cats and can reach an adult length of as much as 120 cm. in fact the record for the longest domestic cat in the world is currently held by a Male Maine Coon cat known as “Stewie” with an astonishing length of 123cm.

The adorable cats are intelligent and easy to train and are known to be affectionate and playful creatures when they want to be, yet they are not as clingy as other cats. They are confident little fellas and do very well around dogs, other cats, and even children.

Asides the funny faces, Maine coon cats are also known to be very vocal, they make a lot of Yowling, howling, chirping, and trilling noises to demonstrate different emotions.

Maine Coons also have an interesting fascination for water and they are believed to be descended from seafaring cats that were brought in to the Americas by sailors. They have a remarkable appearance that makes them look almost like mini mountain lions. But one of the most remarkable things about them is the many fascinating faces they make.

You can check out the gallery below for the beautiful pictures of these cats making interesting faces.