Patient Starts Crying After Paramedic Removes His Mask

Aug 4th, 2020

A doctor, nurse, or paramedics are dealing with different scenarios every day. But one of the things that they do not want to happen, is to find their loved ones in a really bad condition. For sure, this already happened before and there is no doubt that being in this situation would have been difficult for them. But the sad thing is, they cannot treat their loved ones during certain situations.

The Journal of Ethics explains that doctors shouldn’t treat themselves or immediate family members because their feelings may interfere with their professional role. And because of this, they may end up making the wrong decisions. However, it is also clear that in emergency situations, they should take care of the patient. And that means whoever that might be, they have the responsibility to provide care and assistance until another physician is available.

A registered nurse at Pafford EMS Mississippi did not have to deal with this situation. He was not present on the accident scene to treat the victim who happened to be his father.

Will LaGrone of Louisiana has been working with the Pafford EMS Mississippi for a long time. He found out that his father had been involved in the accident. According to reports, the man suffered severe injuries. He had to stay in the hospital for a week before he was transported to a different one to start his rehab.

As an experienced nurse, Will made arrangements with the management asking if he could accompany his father to rehab from the hospital in Shreveport. And his dad didn’t know that it was a surprise for him!

The hospital shared this heartwarming moment on its Facebook page. They wrote, “A week ago today, one of our longtime paramedic’s father was involved in a terrible car accident. [LaGrone] was able to make arrangements with management that would enable him to surprise his father here in Louisiana and be the one to transport his father to rehab from the hospital in Shreveport.”

The moment was caught on video and everyone who has seen it was moved to tears.

In the video, it can be seen that LaGrone’s father was waiting for a paramedic to transport him. A man came in with a mask on. The nurses surrounding him suggested that maybe the man could help. So the elderly asks, “Who are you?”

And when La Grone then removes his mask, his father was finally able to recognize him. The two men get emotional at that moment, as well as those who were present in that room, and Will leans towards his father to give him a hug. The dad is clearly overwhelmed and can’t hold back his tears.

While Will also needed a moment to compose himself and explained to his father that he is there to transport him to rehab.

This video received more than 300,000 views and hundreds of comments with well-wishes for LaGrone’s dad. One of the comments read: “That is what family is all about. Helping someone in a time of need, and spreading the love. Prayers for A Speedy Recovery and Good Health.”

The hospital also responded to the comments on the video thanking them for the support. The hospital also mentioned that this meant a lot to Will.