Parents Refuse To Help Pay For Son’s College After He Comes Out As Gay, So Teacher Takes Action

Sep 14th, 2018

Seth was determined to go to college, and nothing was going to stop him.

Just like many kids his age, Seth Owen dreamed of being able to go to college. He had worked as hard as possible to get accepted into his preferred college, and even his GPA was high enough to see him through.

However, when he eventually got accepted into Georgetown University, he found out that he wasn’t able to pay his fees.

He said, “I was the fifth grade nerd who always walked around at recess telling everyone that I wanted to be an astronaut. I always had a textbook with me, and I was always in the library reading”

His parents, upon finding out that he was gay, kicked him out of the house and refused to chip in for him to afford his school fees. He explained how everything unfolded, “I began to cry because I suddenly realized that I wouldn’t be able to see myself through to college. I had already denied my other acceptances, so the only option that I had was Georgetown”

He had hopes that the school will help him by modifying his financial aid package, but his hopelessness was compounded when they refused him.

Then, he got help from one of his school teachers. His Biology teacher had taken notice of how hard he worked, and she wanted to see him actualize his plan and go to college. To wit, she set up a GoFundMe account to help see him through.

Jane Martin, his teacher, said, “Seth was a kid that I believed stood out. He had incredible ambition, and he was always doing all he could to ensure that he was successful as he could be”

Seth didn’t find it easy when his parents discovered that he was gay. Although homosexuality is receiving more acceptance today, his parents were upset to learn of his.

He said, “I was busy writing a paper, and my dad took my phone late in the evening. He found a picture of me and another guy. It wasn’t inappropriate or anything, but it indicated that I was indeed gay. Soon after, I was sent to a Christian counselor. They wanted me to leave the therapy and be straight. Although it wasn’t like a conversion camp or anything, it was definitely an awkward kind of therapy where they tried to encourage masculine talks and all that”

That definitely didn’t make it easy for him.

“I started to disagree with the Church they attend. They were really against the LGBTQ+ community. Gay people couldn’t serve in the Church, and I was bothered about how they treated transgender people as well. The worst part was that it seemed as though my parents loved their religion more than they loved me”

When he left home, things got even more difficult.

When his teacher steed into his financial situation, he had a little hope while he wasn’t comfortable with asking strangers for money, she was sure it was the right step.

Martin said, “We know he’s not the kind of person to come out and ask for help. He’s very result-oriented like that. However, we got to this point where we just had to do what we could to get him what he needed”

Sure enough, they got enough money to pay for his fees and his financial aid. He raised his $20,000 goal, and things finally began to look up for him.

Seth is worried that there are other students going through the same situation, and he wants them to know that there are people who will be able to provide some help.

He said, “Being who you are is difficult, especially with all this pressure. However, you’ll be able to face these difficult times once you become comfortable with yourself”