Panda Rejects Her Newborn, Then Camera Captures When Her Instincts Kick In

May 14th, 2019

The bond between a mother and her child is one that has been etched into legend.

It’s safe to say that almost nothing is so strong. It’s almost like it transcends the understanding of even the smartest me.

Science has proven that there is a hormone released at the point of birth that endears a woman to her child (male or female regardless of course), and this is why a lot of doctors recommend that mothers be left alone with their newborn babies for a little while immediately after they give birth; not to particularly do anything, but to just cuddle, embrace and bask in the glow of the love that they share.

The instant connection between a mother and her child is something that every normal relationship should aspire to be like it is something that we can always rely on to occur, and it is nothing short of a beauty to behold. However, the sad truth is that there have been some certain exceptions.

Cases have been recorded where the expected star-struck love that should be between a mother and child just isn’t there, and there are actually a few reasons for this. However, regardless of what the cause is, one thing that we can all agree on is the fact that when this exception does happen, it is cause for some level of concern.

The mother doesn’t show thee kind of affection that she’s expected to, and the child is seemingly left alone to do whatever fate wills it.

This exact reason is why employees as a local zoo were worried about Min-Min, a mother panda, after she delivered her bundle of joy.

Due to experience, the zoo workers have been used to having to leave a mother and her child for a few moments after birth (that’s how it should be, right?). However, in the case of this panda, zookeepers were called to concern when there were suspicions about the baby’s health.

To wit, they decided to run some tests on it just to ensure that there was nothing wrong or out of the ordinary going on here. They understood the fat that by taking the baby from its mother, they would be directly depriving the both of them of the bonding experience that is required, but they also understood that if they didn’t do this, there was a probability that they baby could die.

They weighed the pros and cons, and decided to take the risk of separating the mother from her newborn child for just a few moments.

As soon as they were able to ascertain that the baby was fine and there was nothing wrong with it, they proceeded to put it back in the pen with its mother. Collectively, they held their breaths and just watched.

At first, there was no sign of a great, emotional reunion. The baby was utterly ignored by its mother. As a matter of fact, she turned her back to it at first.

However, thankfully, there seemed to be a check as Min-Min came back to her senses. She suddenly rekindled the fabled connection and immediately came over to grab her little offspring. She then too the baby to a far corner, beyond the reach of anyone else, and began with the expected loving and cuddling processes. The mother and baby bond was established, and everyone was able to heave a sigh of relief again.