Owners Asks Veterinarian To Put Overweight Dog To Sleep

Feb 22nd, 2021

When a dog named Kai was brought to a vet, the owner demanded for the dog to be euthanized just because the dog is overweight. Nobody knew much about the dogs’ past, but he needed all the help that he could get. He was dangerously overweight but he needed a new family.

The vet got in touch with animal workers to help find a home for Kai. This is when Pam Heggie met Kai. According to the vet, Kai is probably the most overweight animal that he has ever seen. He told her, “…anything you do is going to help that dog. Anything that he will let you do is good for him.”

So Heggie became Kai’s new foster mom. She helped him lose more than half of his body weight!

when interviewed by Good Morning America, Heggie shared that the first time that she brought Kai home, it took him 20 minutes for to climb a small set of stairs that lead them to the front door of her home. She started to take him for regular walks. They would stroll at least three times a day.

It was difficult at first, but Heggie saw the determination on Kai so they kept doing it. She said, ‘Literally, he went five to ten steps, and they would lay down and start panting.’ His owner shared, ‘We went to the closest neighbor’s driveway and then the next neighbor over.’

Kai had to do aquatic therapy to help him strengthen his back legs. He was also put on a strict diet. Through it all, even though it was difficult and a huge change for Kai, he remained to be a happy pup and never gave up. Heggie said, ‘He learned that I was going to help him and we were going to be ok.’

With their combined efforts, Kai started to lose more weight. He improved bit by bit. It was a slow but steady process. Eventually, the dog showed noticeable signs of improvement. He was soon able to reach the end of their block. He could also hop into the car without any help. He also started running around the park!

‘It’s crazy. It’s like raising your child and you look at them and they’re all grown up and you just wonder how that happened. I look at him and forget how broken he was. Now he’s just a regular dog doing regular dog things like everybody else.

’ She added, ‘He truly amazes me every day…Everybody has things they need to do – and he was just so happy … every day he was like this is what we have to do and I’m going to do it. And every day he did it. ’

After all the hard work and dedication, Heggie was not the only one who was surprised by the change in Kai. His weight loss shocked everyone who knew him and how he was before he was under Heggie’s care.

In fact, he showed off his amazing transformation in Good Morning America. Heggie shared that Kai would show you how to deal with a really big task – one day at a time. Kai never worries about yesterday, neither he worries about tomorrow. He just focuses happily on what needs to be done during the day. This is what we can all learn from Kai.