Owl Finds Out It’s Bath Time, Has Internet Cracking Up With His Reaction

Sep 10th, 2019

When you think pet birds, an owl is rarely the first bird that comes to mind. You might think parrot or cockatoo. But most likely not an owl. But as you will discover after watching this video, they make excellent pets too. and you can learn a lesson or two from this Owl as well. Like how to solve your problem when you get thirsty right in the middle of a shower.

Technically, that should be pretty easy considering the fact that there is plenty of water lying around. But deciding whether to drink first and take your bath later can’t be quite tricky. Don’t think too much about it. just watch this video and see how Curbie does it.

The little owl has discovered the perfect way to cool himself down. Bathing and taking a drink at the same time. that has to be one of the darn cutest things you have ever seen. And that was exactly what his owner thought too when he decided to make a video of the little bird and posted it online for us all to see. it’s like he is saying “watch Curbie go people!!”

First, the little guy flew to his owner to ask for a drink. He makes the cutest owl noise to call his mom’s attention. “Hoo Hoo” he calls. She knows the little guy is thirsty and knows just the solution for that so she whipped out a spray bottle to give him some water.

“Curbie then decided that he wanted to take a bath, so he spread his wings wide so that his owner could spray his feathers.” The caption to the video read.

Isn’t this little guy just too funny?

His mom holds a spray bottle to his mouth and began to give him a squirt. He takes a few sips of water but soon decides he wants more than just a drink to cool him down. First, he holds up his wings so that his mom can squirt some water underneath them to get him nice and cleaned up.

That probably felt so good that he decided to get a full body clean up instead. So he starts turning around in circles to get the water to every spot in his body.

He even sticks out his little Owl butt as well, that spot is quite important too, isn’t it. satisfied, he flies off to do whatever it is owls do in their free time. soon this video is all over the internet and more than 20 million people have seen it on the Poke My Hear Facebook Page alone.

Everyone is falling in love with this adorable little guy and it’s easy to see why. He is just too cute. One of the comments read:

“Is it common that an owl sounds like Michael Jackson? Also, does he know how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?”.

Another comment read: “Is that a Great Horned Owl? Such a beautiful bird. I have owls hooting all the time. I just set a listen. I will see them flying around. Love it,”

“This owl is having a blast. Love seeing animals when they are being taken care of.” Said another.

What the video of the cute bird below and tell us what you think. Cute or super cute?