It’s One Of The Most Popular Songs Of All Time But His Version Is 1000x Better Than Any Other

Dec 5th, 2018

Although it was released quite a long time ago, Footloose continues to make a bold claim as regards being one of the most interesting and awesome dancing movies ever made. He thought of being able to overcome an opposition just so that the people in an entire city could keep the right to dance is just hilarious. No wonder it did so well.

To wit, in order to roll with this level of creativity, one mastermind on the Internet decided to make a mashup of all the favorite dancing scenes (from basically all of the best movies) and set them up to “Footloose”, the song which was performed by Kenny Loggins. Inasmuch as it was pretty obvious that these scenes weren’t initially in the true style of Footloose, this fact doesn’t take away from the fact that it is still fun to see them all in light now.

It’s a tad difficult to not think about the first time that we viewed these movies. It seems like it was us so long ago.

Here’s a quick fun fact that is sure to make this entire story even more interesting; a lot of people might not know this, but the story of Footloose was actually based on a real place. The residents of Elmore City, Oklahoma once looked as themselves to be the most moralistic, traditional set of people in the entire United States. As a matter of fact, the slogan of the city is, “If the South is the Bible belt, then we must be the buckle.

” Dancing in itself was actually banned according to the laws of Elmore City until a group of high school students decided to gang up and stage a protest.

These kids actually wanted to be able to dance at their school prom and it was their belief that the ban was already outdated. The iconic character in Footloose, which was played by the amazing Kevin Bacon, was actually based on two off these students, whose names are Rex Kennedy and Leonard Coffee.

These two students did everything in their power to cause issues and disturbances to both the officials of the school and those of the city and at the end of the day, dancing was allowed in the city once again.

Although the scenes that this Internet user got together were set to the much that was used in all of their original films, it was definitely a lot of fun for people to see them mashed up and set to Footloose. There is a way that seeing these stars dance in front of the camera is inspiring, and it definitely serves as a reminder of the fact that each and every one of us is able to be a little more loose with our feet.

The video made its way to the Internet, and it has become a viral sensation already. A lot of people are definitely waiting to see what similar thing will come out on the Internet in the next couple of weeks. However, a lot of people have also expressed their doubts as regards whether any similar thing that is seen from here on out will ever be as good as the original Footloose video.