Nurses Can’t Help But Cheer As This Mom Gave Birth, Then They See The Baby

Oct 25th, 2021

Newborn babies weighing over the normal weight range is not new. We have heard of news where women have given birth to heavyweight babies. But for the nurses and hospital staff, it was surely a surprise when on April 16, 2021, 21-year old Amber Cumberland gave birth to a baby weighing 12 pounds and 14 ounces.

You see, Amber’s pregnancy was not like any other. The new parents, doctors, and nurses suspected that she would eventually give birth to twins. With this assumption from her healthcare providers, she and her husband, Scott Joy, believed that they were going to have twins. But according to the ultrasound, it says that she was expecting only one child.

However, the size of her pregnant belly was unusual. Everyone would say that she was expecting twins. Her belly protruded to the extent that it started bleeding because of the stretched skin. Thankfully, the pregnancy was normal. Not until the third trimester.

When she was in her third trimester, during one of her checkups, it was revealed that she only has one baby. But based on the ultrasound scan, it showed that her baby was about 8 pounds and 12 ounces heavier. And as a first-time mother, it was expected that she would deliver later than usual.

In fact, she had to wait for an extra two weeks. Even so, she spent around 24 hours in labor.

Because of the size of the baby, Amber could not have a normal delivery. Even if she dilated up to eight centimeters, it was impossible for the baby to come out naturally. They had no choice but to opt for C-section. And the C-section procedure was not easy either. In fact, two people had to lift the baby because of her weight. And thankfully, both mother and daughter were safe.

It came as a complete shock for all the nurses and doctors when they found out the weight of Ambers’ baby. The nurses wanted to document this moment to the extent that they stayed around not only to confirm the baby’s weight but to take photos as well, of course with the mother’s consent.

It didn’t take long for the news outlets to learn about Baby Emilia’s birth. It quickly hit the headlines in the United Kingdom simply because not every day there is a baby born with as much weight as Baby Amelia.

And because of her weight, Baby Emilia now holds the record of the second largest baby in the U.K.!

But unlike other newborns, Baby Amelia would not fit on these tiny clothes. She could no longer use the 0-3 month clothes that her parents bought for her. The size of her nappies was bigger as well. Luckily, after delivery, the nurses were able to help her get larger nappies and clothes from the pediatrics department.

According to Amber, Baby Emilia was not only the one gaining weight during the pregnancy. In fact, she said that she had gained weight of about 12. 5 stone or 175 pounds.

And even though it was a difficult and challenging experience, she was glad that she and her baby were safe. They are aware that the journey will never be conventional for them and their baby, but they are determined to create memorable and happy memories for Baby Emilia.