New Theory Claims Each Winnie The Pooh Character Represented A Mental Illness

Oct 10th, 2018

Here’s one twist that a lot of people- especially kids- definitely won’t like.

A lot of children love Winnie the Pooh, even till now. The cute bear and his friends have become really enamored by all, and a lot of people just can’t help having something of a soft spot for the beautiful guy.

However, a lot of people tend to forget the fact that there is a lot more to each character than just the visual appeal they bring. Each of the characters is- in a way- simmer to a mental disorder, and you might not be able to look at them again as soon as you realize this fact.

So who represents what?


Piglet was known to always worry, but nobody really acknowledged that Piglet had both self-esteem issues and anxiety. He is afraid of new experiences, and he never wants to bother the people around him.

Currently, over 40 million Americans suffer from similar issues.


The jumpy, happy Tigger exhibits signs of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and a poor control of his impulses. He acts before he thinks, and he never seems to learn. Tigger is also unable to focus and remain calm, especially in serious situations.

ADHD affects 11% of American children.


Rabbit is always planning, counting and stressing over minuscule things. He is seen as the most grown-up of the lot, but he nags and plans a lot, which kind of exhibits obsessive-compulsive disorder.


Eeyore finds a negative spin on even the good things, and he is never really comfortable with feeling happy because he expects something bad to go down soon.

Eeyore displays signs of depression, but a more accurate diagnosis would be chronic dysthymia. Symptoms of this can stay for up to two years, as opposed to the shorter depression episodes.


Little Roo displays signs of mid autism. He chooses to stay with his mom, preferring to be with her than others always. He is also fond of zoning out easily, and he finds himself in dangerous scenarios often.

As such, his character’s extremities find him sort of on the autism spectrum.


Kanga is incredibly nervous and skeptical. She worries over Roo more than everything else, and it affects her other relationships. She also worries when going out with others.

These are signs of social anxiety disorder.


Owl might be the smartest of the lot, but he suffers from dyslexia. Only he can read and write, but all these signs are misspelled in a way or the other.

Despite this setback though, Owl proves that people who have issue with learning just need a little bit of hard work to achieve their goals.

Christopher Robin

Robin has imaginary friends, but he does more than talk with them. He goes on adventures with them. You might easily dismiss this as imagination, but these are signs of schizophrenia.

This disease causes a “split” with reality, which will explain Robin’s adventures.


Winnie is the titular character, so it is only fair that he has the most to deal with. Pooh has a binge-eating disorder, and his cravings just have to be met. He also has some self-esteem issues.

Pooh is conscious about his weight, but he always looks for more honey at the same time.

Also, Pooh often forgets what he’s doing, loses his thoughts, and has a really sort attention span.