Neighbors Found A Dog Freezing In The Snow

Jan 14th, 2022

Siberia is considered as the coldest permanently inhabited place on earth. If you hate winter in your country, then think about the people living in Siberia. Surviving the outdoors is a longshot. Winters here are bitterly cold, enough to kill anyone if you stay too long outdoors.

“Siberia cold” is definitely something else. The winter here is long and harsh. People living in Siberia are used to this weather and temperatures. That’s why they are always prepared even before the winter months came.

Children who get lost in the middle of this weather have very little to no chances of survival. There were reports in Siberia where a child gets lost in the fields of snow and was not able to return home alive.

During these times, the people living here never dare to go outside of their homes unless they really needed to. They make sure that they are ready for the worst. They stock up on food, water, medication, and warm clothes.

This is why when people noticed outside a home in the freezing winter, they were hoping that he is still alive. But when the neighbors approached the dog, they realized that there is something underneath him – a little boy!

They sprang into action to help not only the boy but also the dog who risked its life to save him.

The neighbors, later on, found out that the young boy was abandoned on the porch of a cabin in the freezing temperatures. He was left by his family in the Altai region of Siberia in the frigid 10-degrees Fahrenheit weather. At night, Daily Mail says that the temperature would drop at a painful -5.8 degrees.

Reports reveal that the boy has been there for two days. The dog who is living in this cabin refused to leave him outside. The pooch was the boys’ guardian angel. The dog seemed to know that the boy was abandoned and needed help.

So his instincts kicked in. The pooch was found wrapped around the boys’ body to provide him with the body heat. Somehow, this was enough to keep the boy alive for two days despite the cold temperatures.

The boy was in really bad shape. He had acute hypothermia even though the dog did try to keep him warm. The boy was also left alone with no food and water so his state after being left in the freezing cold for two days was understandable. He was hospitalized but was responding well to treatment.

The neighbors knew that if not for the dog, the boy would not have survived. Fortunately, the dog survived too.

When the boy recovered, his mom was found and charged for her neglectful actions. The Siberian Times reported that the mother returned four days after the child was found by the neighbors. The Siberian Times reports, “The mother faces a potential jail sentence and losing the right to raise her child.”

This Russian dog was hailed a hero after saving this 2-year-old boys’ life in the freezing cold.

Dogs are called “Man’s Bestfriend” for all the right reasons. They are loyal, loving, and very protective. Even the scariest and most fierce dog breeds have a heart too. They know who treats them well and loves them unconditionally.