‘Needy Pet’ Desk Chair Lets Clingy Pets Sit With Their Owners And We All Need One

May 3rd, 2021

Have you ever wondered how much your pet misses you during the day when they are left alone at home and you go to work? Some would also question why their dogs or cats follow them around the moment they come home from work.

But since working from home has become a trend these days, our pets finally have us 24/7. But they can still become needy. They are needy when it comes to our time and attention. Anyone who lives with a pet while working at home can surely relate to this reality.

Swedish YouTube personality Simone Giertz knows exactly what it’s like to work from home and have to deal with a clingy pet at the same time. She also has a clingy dog named “Scraps.”

Giertz shares that Scraps would always lay on her whenever she gets the opportunity. Well, that can be a sweet gesture, but not exactly what you need when you are trying to work.

To find a solution, she went ahead and searched for a chair that would best suit both her and Scraps’ needs. Sadly, she had no luck in finding the “right” chair for them both. So she came up with a brilliant idea!

Since she didn’t find anything on the internet that she can buy, she decided to make one herself. She is a DIY kind of person as she describes herself on YouTube as a “Maker/robotics enthusiast/non-engineer. ” What she needed was an office chair that would work great during those long hours at work while still staying close to Scraps.

She designed a comfortable chair that has a staircase and a bed perfect for Scraps on the side.

You see, Giertz is willing to do anything for her dog. Scraps is 1 year old and only has 3 legs. But that doesn’t mean that she can’t be as handful as other dogs with four legs. Scraps is full of energy all the time and Giertz describes her as the “Commander of everything.” But she’s not complaining. In fact, she’s glad to make her furry baby happy, loved, and contented.

She knows that her idea of this chair can help a lot of her viewers on YouTube who are like her with clingy pets. So she’s decided to share this idea on her Youtube channel. And sure enough, that video went viral. It now has over 727,000 views and still counting.

In the video, she shows how she transformed chunks of wood and slices of plywood into a sturdy and multi-purpose chair perfect for her and her pooch. The chair is beautifully designed and it also has a staircase for your pet to easily climb up the chair.

With this, Scraps can now climb up if she wants to sit next to Giertz and climb down if she wants to doze off or go somewhere else.

But you have to take note that this is not your typical chair. The size is big and Giertz says it’s only fit for people with small pets. So if you have a bigger pet, try to expand on her idea.

This chair might not be for everybody, but this idea will help a lot of pet owners out there who are struggling to focus at work because of their clingy furry companions at home.