Navy After Refuses To Remove “Anti-American” Books From Sailors’ Reading Lists

Apr 6th, 2021

The U.S. Navy is receiving major backlash from some of the Republicans after it released its 2021 reading list. According to them, these books included “Anti-American” topics that should not be included in the list.

The Republicans in Congress reviewed the Navy’s reading list. And when they learned what’s included, some of them launched a crusade against the Navy to remove three books that for them, feature “anti-American” views expressing how America is divided between “the oppressed and their oppressors.”

One of the books that the Republicans are requesting to be taken off the reading list was Ibram X. Kendi’s, “HOW TO BE AN ANTIRACIST.” For the Republicans, this book is “explicitly anti-American” as it describes how people can get rid of systemic racism. Republicans even questioned Admiral Michael Gilday to explain why the book was on the list and if they can’t give any answers, better yet to remove it.

Some books included on the reading list were recommendations from Task Force One Navy which “identify and remove racial barriers, improve inclusion efforts, create new opportunities for professional development and eliminate obstacles to entering the Navy.”

Other books that Banks does not want on the list included “SEXUAL MINORITIES AND POLITICS” by Jason Pierceson, and “THE NEW JIM CROW” by Michelle Alexander.

Admiral Michael Gilday Banks served in the United States Navy Reserve as a Supply Corps officer and was shipped off to Afghanistan in 2014 and 2015. He confirmed that he would not be changing any titles on the reading list even though Indiana Republican Jim Banks already sent an urgent letter to the Navy requesting for the changes to this reading list to be made.

In a response to Bank’s letter, Admiral Gilday said: “It evokes the author’s own personal journey in understanding barriers to true inclusion, the deep nuances of racism and racial inequalities. ” He added, “While I do not endorse every viewpoint of the books on this reading list, I believe exposure to varied ideas improves the critical thinking skills of our sailors.

My commitment to them is to continue to listen, make sure their voice is heard, and make the Navy a shining example of an organization centered on respect, inclusive of all. ”

During an appearance on Fox News, the congressman said he did not think Gilday did not respond well and “shows he is not serious.” The congressman added, “We face an existential foreign threat, and our military is desperate for serious leadership.”

Aside from Banks, Representatives Doug Lamborn of Colorado and Vicky Hartzler of Missouri also sent Gilday a letter about a book on the reading list. They wanted the Admiral to remove a book about gender in politics. They also did not like that Kendi’s bestselling book is included in the list.

Lamborn and Hartzler wrote: “All three books reinforce the view that America is a confederation of identity categories of the oppressed and their oppressors rather than a common homeland of individual citizens who are united by common purposes and fidelity to the ideals of the Declaration of Independence and codified in the Constitution.”

What are your thoughts are about the request of some Republicans to have these books removed? Do you think that these three books should be removed?