Multiple Bigfoot Sightings In The Local Area

Jun 1st, 2020

In the North American folklore, Bigfoot exists. Bigfoot or Sasquatch is believed to be a hairy, upright-walking, ape-like creature that lives in the wilderness. And they say that Bigfoot leaves footprints. There is very limited evidence that this creature really exists. But the Bigfoot fans are convinced that it is real and that soon, science would be able to prove it.

In the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area, some tourists believe that they have seen sightings of the mysterious creature. According to data, authorities have received lots of reports from travellers who have seen a Bigfoot-like creature in the said location.

One of the mysterious posts reads, “Over the weekend, we received dozens of calls and messages reporting a ‘sighting’ at Turkey.” But following this post, some are sceptical since there are no close-up shots of the said footprint.

Turkey Mountain is a hill that occupies a wide area on the west side of Arkansas River located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The summit is 104 feet above the river level, which gives every traveller an amazing view of Tulsa.

Another post on the Facebook page are photos of light-brown bipedal ape that is partly concealed by the bushes and trees. The photos were posted with this caption, “I decided to take the dogs to Turkey Mountain this morning. Max started acting extra weird… I was able to get my phone out in time to get this pic. What?…”

It cannot be confirmed if what these people saw and captured on pictures are true, but the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Facebook page reminds the travellers to continue following the social distancing rule of 6 feet while they are at Turkey Mountain. They also confirmed that they are already investigating regarding the allegations.

Bigfoot became well known in popular culture. Authors Janet and Colin Bord shared with their Bigfoot Casebook the facts of their sighting of the creature from 1818 to 1980. In their document, they have listed more than 1,000 sightings. But the debate regarding legitimacy of the Bigfoot sightings became so popular in the 70s. And since then, Bigfoot was regarded as the first widely popularized example of pseudoscience in the American culture.

There are so many native myths and legends of the wild men in the woods. However, Bigfoot is the most popular among them. It has been around for about five decades. And the interest in this creature is still increasing after it all started in the second half of the 20th century.

This is after magazine articles started talking about Bigfoot, specifically the December 1959 “True” article. This is when someone discovered large, mysterious footprints were reportedly found in Creek, California that is believed to belong to Bigfoot.

Many have reported sightings of the said creature. Facts reveal that about ⅓ of the claims on Bigfoot is located in the Pacific Northwest. In addition, rural areas of the Southeastern United States and the Great Lakes regions have been the sources of many reports of the Bigfoot sightings.

And the remaining reports are spread throughout the rest of North America. And according to the 2014 poll, more Americans are believing in Bigfoot compared to those who believe in the Big Bang Theory.

What do you think about these discoveries? Are they legit enough for people to believe in the existence of Bigfoot?