Mother-In-Law Demands Mom To Breastfeed Her Grandchild

Jan 13th, 2020

There will always be that fear of women that they would not get along with their mothers-in-law. Well, it is true that there are times when moms-in-law can be overbearing. Maybe it is because they feel like it is their responsibility to teach their sons’ wives on how to build a home. Things can get a little bit more complicated as soon as the first child of the family is born.

They probably think that the new moms do not have the same experience that they did, which is why they want to share what they know. But sometimes, they can go overboard to the point that they are becoming pushovers when they try to influence their daughter-in-law to do things the way they did which they thought was right.

This mother-in-law went too far. She demanded that she will be the one to breastfeed the new baby!

This new mom-to-be wrote a lengthy post on Reddit expressing her disbelief about her mother-in-law’s demands. She was also asking people for advice so she could do the right thing for her child while not stepping on her mother-in-law’s toes and offend her.

The post was introduced like this:

“My MIL may mean well, but she is absolutely bat shot crazy.”

Well, with an introduction like that, you know that the story is going to be very interesting. The post reads:

“I am due in November, and this pregnancy has been one stressor after another all stemming from her. My biggest issue is having absolutely no boundaries. My SO does not want to confront his mom for fear of her reaction, and also does not want me to do it.

The last time I did (our wedding), we didn’t speak for six months. I don’t have the greatest filters when I am pushed to my limit. ”

You can clearly feel that she is not happy with her mother-in-laws’ demands. She is surely ready to explode and her stress is probably up to her eyes!

Pregnancy can be very challenging for many women, and with mother-in-law like that, well it won’t help with the situation. For sure this mom-to-be wanted to tackle all these challenges on her own, with the help of her husband, and the emotional support from their parents. But what this mother-in-law wanted was to breastfeed the baby herself. This is why this pregnant woman is outraged.

She further wrote:

“She found articles from different cultures that do this and is thinking it’s a great idea. I have told her gross no. My mom got involved and said no, but she is still finding articles and sending them to me about all the benefits.”

Now you have to remember that the grandma would be in her sixties. That means that it would be inappropriate for her to breastfeed the baby. That should be out of the question. This idea is not normal.

However, this mom-to-be was stuck. Her husband doesn’t want to confront his mother and he also did not want to say anything regarding the matter. This is the reason why this woman turned to the internet to somehow, ask for help.

The woman continued, “I don’t know what to do. I’m beyond done with this woman, but out of respect for my husband, I am trying to keep a level head, but I’m starting to fail with my due date fast approaching.”

Well, she surely got her answer and everyone was telling her the same thing – the husband should step up and be a man!