Mother-of-Five Receives Ultimate Makeover Worth $30,000, Now Her Kids Can’t Recognize Her!

Oct 13th, 2021

When you look good, you also feel good about yourself. That is what makeovers are for. Getting dolled up is a great boost for self-esteem. Most of the makeovers deal with hair and makeup or a total change in wardrobe. For this mother of five children, her makeover was something different.

Angela Kennedy underwent a $30,000 makeover for her teeth!

When the makeover was done, her children were speechless because she totally looked different. Not only did she left her children gasping for breath after seeing her new look, but this also gave her another chance to confidently smile again.

Angela had struggled with her teeth throughout her adulthood. She was nominated by her soon-to-be sister-in-law for a program called “Random Act of Happiness.” This gave her the chance to work with the experts at Destination Happiness. This is a group that helps people with dental problems who needed help. Angela was lucky because she is the one that the group selected for a teeth makeover.

According to the application, Angela always puts other people’s needs first in front of her own. As a mother, she had taken such good care of her five children. She always thinks about the needs of her children, and this meant that Angela never got the chance to care for and pamper herself.

Although she was not sure of what to expect, she was beyond excited to undergo this ultimate dental makeover. She knew that this was exactly what she needed to finally feel good again about her smile.

Dr. Simon Hinckfuss, a periodontist, was the one assigned to Angela’s case. Angela explained that she was so embarrassed by her teeths’ poor condition. She said that if she can help it, she would never want to leave the car to watch her son play football. She was too embarrassed to be seen in public. So the doctor did not hesitate to find a solution for Angela.

He with an X-ray of Angela’s teeth. This gave him a great way to look at the status of her teeth and also a way to start the makeover. Session after session Angela had work done on her teeth. It was a long process, but when she finally had a new set of teeth set into her jaw, she was ready to bring back the full smile on her face again.

Her story was shared on a YouTube video and it quickly went viral. In the video, you’ll get to see Angela’s teeth makeover journey. You will also learn more about Destination Happiness and how you can submit an application for someone you know that deserves a makeover.

YouTube viewers shared comments and positive reactions to Angela’s makeover. One person wrote: “I know how she feels. In 2004 I began my dental repair journey as I was able to afford it. I went from not smiling to smiling all the time. It was very freeing. So happy for this woman.” Another viewer said: “What a wonderful gift to give someone.”

Angela looked totally different with her improved smile. Thanks to the generosity of Destination Happiness and their Random Act of Happiness program, Angela was able to get the perfect smile that she deserved. And she looked so different that her family hardly recognized her!