Mother And Daughter Work Together To Lose Weight And Get Healthy

By E'vone Starks

Losing weight doesn’t come easy for everyone. For some, even when they exercise regularly and make healthier decisions regarding food, their bodies might not respond to their new lifestyle. It’s disheartening when the results don’t match the effort put in and a person may find him/herself slipping back into unhealthy habits.

Having an exercise partner is one way for people to hold themselves accountable for workout sessions. If the two work together, it minimizes the likelihood of skipping a day at the gym. Having an accountability buddy can be useful when dieting as well. The two can meal prep together and serve as a voice of reason when their partner finds him/herself pulling up to the In-N-Out drive-thru speaker when those late night hunger pains start to ache. You see, a workout partner is almost necessary!

A mother-daughter duo knew that they needed to make lifestyle changes and they wanted to get started right away. They spent 100 days exercising and eating healthy, and the results were phenomenal. The two lost a combined weight of 74 pounds and they aren’t finished yet! The combination of kickboxing, evening jogs, squats, and helping each other really got these women to reach goals they didn’t know were possible.

You could see how much they were enjoying spending time together, and to think that all of the fun they were having was also beneficial to their health is even more incredible. Their story is truly inspiration.

The mother admitted that her children were concerned about the amount of weight that she had put on. She knew that her poor habits were being mimicked by her daughter, but she didn’t want her to fall into the same cycle that she had already put herself through.

We applaud these two women for making a vow to improve their health. We can’t wait to see what another 100 days of diet and exercise will do for these two.

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