Mom’s Are Forced To Place These Signs On Their Baby’s Strollers Because Strangers Still Don’t Get It

Jun 26th, 2020

For new parents, all they want is the best for their newborns; for them to be healthy and not be sickly. They can only assure that their babies are safe from possible health dangers is when they keep their newborns away from potential causes. One of the most stressful times for new parents is when strangers or random people really love to touch their babies.

To those who do not have babies yet, this might be pretty exaggerated but once you already have a newborn in your arms, you would understand where these parents are coming from with their concerns.

Somehow, there are people who think that there is nothing wrong with rubbing their germ-full hands all over this fragile baby. This is why many parents decided to start making handy signs that would warn people to make sure that they keep their hands to themselves. After this was shared in an online mom group, there is no doubt why it instantly went viral in an instant! However, not everyone would agree to this.

This sign was initially shared by a mom who is using it on her car seat. It turns out, she’s not the only parent who has this!

Etsy search shows that over 500 parents have these signs on their baby’s car seat. The signs say:

“NO TOUCHING. Your germs are too BIG for me! Thanks!”

“Don’t touch me (germs can hurt me).”

“Stop! I know I’m cute as can be, but please do not touch little me!”

This sign comes in various shape, style, and size and some even had them customized to say get their point across. And it seems like this is a growing trend among parents who are too polite enough to be rude and fend off touchy people everywhere they go!

This somehow started a debate online and everyone was quick to give their opinions. One mom commented that her babies were all born healthy and it just so happens that they have a big family and it would be impossible to keep the germy kids away. Still, they managed to keep all of the kids in the family happy and healthy even after being exposed to countless germs.

She even thinks that this helped boost their immune system.

Some moms say that the signs are ridiculous and they love the “immune system-boosting” benefits that they get by allowing their babies to meet a lot of different people. One mom shares that children need germs for their bodies to learn how to fight off sickness the natural way.

Besides breastfeeding, she believes that by exposing them to germs can help so that they will have plenty of antibodies that can help fight everything off.

Other moms may find this rude but these signs are more than just keeping people away because some kids really can’t be touched because of medical reasons. One mom shared that she always has this sign on her daugters’ car seat because she was born with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) where she had to spend 20 days on life support, had to undergo 3 major surgeries, spent 64 days in the hospital after she was born, and got discharged with oxygen.

This mom said that her daughter is now 10 months old and still have the sign on her car seat.

We have to admit that when we see babies, we always have the urge to appreciate them. But then maybe we can do this without touching them and spreading whatever germs we have in our hands. Any parent that has this sign has a reason for doing so and respecting this is all they ask.