Mom Speaks Out About Daughters’ Suicide After Accidentally Revealing An Affair On Social Media

Jan 12th, 2021

Suicide is a very controversial topic to talk about, especially for a family who lost a loved one because of this. Back in 2018, a grieving and heartbroken mother finally got the courage to talk about the death of her daughter over suicide and the reason behind it.

Charlotte Guy was found dead in Dukes Farm, Wigan. She had been in an on-again-off-again relationship with her boyfriend, Jack Hirst. When Charlotte took her life that day, she was only 17-year-old and her boyfriend was 20-years-old.

Charlotte accidentally sends a Snapchat message talking about how she slept with another man two days after she and Hirst got separated. According to reports, she then sent him her final goodbye saying: “Goodbye. Please forgive me.” She then wrote, “I love you – knowing that you hate me is enough.”

Charlotte’s mother, Debbie, was the one who found the location of where her daughter took her life after Jack sent her a screenshot of the Snapchat map. That day, Debbie was supposed to celebrate her 48th birthday but ended up with a broken heart after learning about what happened to her daughter.

And now, she has opened up about how life ‘will never be the same without her.’ According to Charlotte’s family, more could have been done to save their daughters’ life if she had more mental health support earlier on.

Debbie shared that Charlotte had suffered from mental health since she was only 12-years-old. She explained, “If she had immediate mental health support when she first felt suicidal in 2013, we’d still have her with us today. Charlotte and Jack had broken up days before and it was a chaotic 48 hours which led her to do this.

It was my birthday on the day she died and we’d spent the morning together, opening presents and cards and celebrating. Later that evening she told us that she was going to her friend’s house to pick up her clothes. ”

She added, “But just one hour later when Charlotte still wasn’t home, we arrived at her friend’s house and realised she’d never been there. Jack, who’d received a message from Charlotte which said ‘knowing you hate me is enough,’ sent us a photograph showing her location as he was worried. We followed the map to some nearby woods and after frantically racing to the scene we were greeted the police who had already found her body.

Despite the hospital working to try and save her for an hour we were told that she hadn’t made it. That’s when my world fell apart. ”

Reports reveal that the young girls’ body was found in nearby woods. She had cocaine and alcohol in her system. When the doctors arrived, they tried to save her, but it was too late.

It was then revealed to Debbie why her daughter committed suicide.

It was over a message that she accidentally sent to her boyfriend spilling how she had slept with another man. Debbie said, “Charlotte loves Jack so much, but the pain of him going away for university really got to her. Just days before, Jack had been down to visit and Charlotte had taken him to one of her kickboxing classes with him.

This is when they broke up, and then two days after she went out with her friends. She had been drinking with her friends in Wigan, which she never usually did. ”

She added, “She accidentally sent a message to a group that Jack was in, stating that she had slept with someone else – the guilt obviously got too much and she thought the only way out was to kill herself. I truly believe that she didn’t know the severity of what she was doing.”

Debbie said that regardless of what happened, she remained in contact with Jack and she knows that he too was going through a lot since Charlotte passed away. Other than her mother and Jack, Charlotte left behind her father, 48-year-old Martin, and brothers Shaun, Dean, and Bradley.