Mom Sees Black Dots Forming In Her Baby’s Nose And Finds Out It’s From Scented Candles

Oct 22nd, 2021

Many people might dislike the cold winter months because it confines them to a more sedentary life that forces them to spend more time indoors than outside. But the winter months come with a lot of simple indulgences you can get to enjoy as well.

Not only do you get to enjoy some of the best holidays of the year during the period but It is also time to get your favorite hoodies and sweaters out and snuggle up on the couch, probably with your pet.

We all have various ways we weather the cold days, but for some, one of their most pleasurable indulgences, when the weather grows cold, is being able to burn candles as much as they want and permeating the whole house with the aroma the burning candles creates.

But like every good thing, there is always a negative clause somewhere. Some of the possible negative effects of leaving candles with open flames on in the home is well known. Like the potential of causing a fire.

But many people are unaware of less known dangers of using candles in the home even though it is boldly written at the bottom of the labels of these candles. You should read these labels to avoid putting yourself and other members of your family in danger unknowingly.

Like this young mother who is an enthusiastic candle user and only realized that would leave the Aromatic candles on for several hours of the day. She had heard of the medicinal effects of these candles and their ability to help you relax and lighten the mood.

But little did she know that she was inadvertently exposing members of her family to potential danger until she discovered black dots inside her baby’s nose one day while taking care of him.

She was terrified about her discovery and feared for her baby’s safety. Thankfully no irreparable harm had been done to the child yet and she could correct what would have been a fatal error for her. She was shocked when she discovered that the cause the black dots in her baby’s nose is the scented candles she was burning inside the hours for hours.

Candles release a great deal of soot into the air which we end up breathing in and can be toxic to health on long-term exposure. Interestingly the companies who make these candles know about these potential dangers of overexposure and try to warn users using the labels on the purchased candles which many people fail to read.

Scented candles are good and indeed they have a lot of benefits. However, their usage also comes with a number of dangers as well which is why you must ensure that you read the warning labels on your candles before using them. it will most likely contain instructions on the recommended hours of usage at a time.

also, you should ensure that the candles you are buying are top quality in order to prevent the release of unwanted toxins which will pose dangers to you and your family.

The video clip below contains some important information about the potential dangers of using scented candles. You can take a look at the video to learn more about them in other to learn how to protect your family and avoid causing harm to them unknowingly like the mother mentioned in this story.