Mom Posts Photos Of Her Legs On Social Media And People Are Freaking Out Over What They Look Like

Dec 6th, 2018

Tall women are very conspicuous. Their heights usually come in handy especially to those with careers in modeling and basketball playing. It also makes them intriguing and beautiful. However, there are some heights which we cannot just refer to as tall; extra tall or skyscraping-tall would be the appropriate word.

Caroline Arthur from Melbourne is a former model who is exceptionally tall, with her legs taking the most significant portion of her body. The woman is 6 feet 2 inches tall, and her limbs can make up the height of a human being.

As a kid, she was aware of her exceptional height and so were her schoolmates. For this reason, her peers made fun of her and called her “Caroline the Powerline.” However, with time, she started accepting herself and the beauty of her height. When she got into modeling, her height added to her beauty and made her stand out, which made her love her body even more.

Caroline’s husband, Cameron, has confessed that tall ladies were not his type until she came into the picture and he forgot all about type. He is also not so short and is almost as tall as Caroline. Their children have as well taken after their mother. Their son Cooper who is 13, is already matching his mother’s height and their daughter Zoe, 15, is 5 foot 9.

Her family, especially her kids, feel so proud of her and admires her beauty. However, they sometimes make fun of her calling her “Skyscraper. ”

One problem with her height though is that shopping for clothes is difficult and it can take long walks and get in and out of different shops without getting a single cloth that fits. The situation gets worse if she is looking for a trouser. Therefore, she usually buys trousers based on their lengths and not the waist.

At times she can get a trouser that fits perfectly on the waist but hangs up when she wears it because of the length. For this reason, she is forced to buy trousers with waists that don’t fit then mend them later.

What is amusing is that her mother is shorter than her; only tall to her armpit. She is proud of her daughter and gets amused anytime they go out together. She finds it fun seeing the surprise on the people’s eyes wherever they pass. However, the question is, from who did Caroline get her exceptional height?

Caroline believes she has broken a record since 2003 and intends to get her name into the world records. She is planning to find out if she can make it in the Guinness World Book of Record, as the one with the longest legs; which many people think she is eligible for. In fact, the last person who won the record on the longest legs was a woman from Russia, with her legs at the length of 51.

9 in 2003, making Caroline very close with 51. 5.

Just as her family, Caroline feels cool with her tall nature and she talks about it positively. She regrets no more as she sees its importance. Apart from helping her with her former career, her height has gained her recognition which might land her on the world records; or could you be taller than her?