Mom Jumps Off A Bridge Holding Her 10-Year-Old Son

Oct 8th, 2019

As a mother, you are constantly bombarded with problems and trials in life, especially if you raise your children on your own. But if worst comes to worst, you should never put your life or your children’s lives in danger. You should strive to keep them safe, even if you have to sacrifice your own happiness and comfort.

Sadly, this is not how this 32-year-old mom from Columbia thinks.

Jessy Paola Moreno Cruz is a single mom from Ibague, Columbia. She has a 10-year-old son maned May Ceballos. News broke on February 7 claiming that she jumped from a 330-foot bridge – the La Variante Bridge!

This bridge is located in the community area in Tolima in Ibague. Videos are circulating the internet showing a distressed mother holding her confused son while she was trying to jump from the bridge while the onlookers and the emergency responders are trying to talk her out of it. But even though how much they tried, the mom let go and jumped with her son in her arms.

According to statistics, the suicide rate in Columbia as of 2016 stood at 7.7 for every 10,000 people. This may not seem alarming but Columbia tops South America for suicide cases.

In the video, people around her were trying to negotiate with her. But after a while, a rescuer can be heard exclaiming:

“Oh my God, she threw herself off!”

Other responders were shocked by what they witnessed. The local news media outlet shared that the son could be heard begging his mom, saying, “Mom, please don’t jump.” Sadly, she did not listen. After the tragic event, the rescuers went to the bottom of the site to recover their bodies, but the search is still on.

According to reports, this woman was experiencing financial stress after she went bankrupt. It has been revealed that she was kicked out of her house because she was not able to pay her rent. She and her son were homeless for a short while before the mom attempted suicide just to escape the situation.

There are also allegations that the mom was not able to cope with the stress that was put on her shoulders for being a single-earner.

Regarding the former partner of Cruz and Ceballos’ father, no comments have been released from his side.

Guillermo Alfonso Jamarillo, the mayor of Ibague, he believes Cruz’s decision to let go and take hers and Ceballo’s life was because of the poor economic and political situation in Columbia as of the moment. He said, “The incident has a lot to do with the terrible situation we are facing in Ibagué and all over Colombia.”

This incident gained mixed reactions from a lot of people from all over the world. Many commented not to judge the mother. Everybody believes that the woman suffered from depression. This may not be an excuse, but we should understand that depression is a very serious mental illness.

Instead of quickly judging the situation, find a way to help. There are millions of people like her all over the world. For them, suicide is the last resort and if we can do something to help, we should.

Just leave your comments to yourself and pray for the souls of Jessy Paola Moreno Cruz and her son, May Ceballos.