Mom Gives Birth After 40 Hours Of Labor But Then Room Gasps And Realizes Something Else Is Happening

Sep 24th, 2020

In every event, a remembrance of who we serve will give you an edge.

We live in a world where surprises have become the order of the day. We pan foo one outcome, and we get to see something completely different. For everyone, there is a plan of God that we still don’t know.

So what do we do? Do we abandon all plans and just let God take over and reveal His plans for us or do we still hold out hope but still accept what he has for us at the end of the day?

An expecting couple was in for what we can only call a surprise, and it ended up being the very best blessing that they could ever have gotten.

Matthew and Nichole Ziesemer believed in taking the natural route to pregnancy. As a matter of fact, they went as far as getting a midwife who will deliver their newborn child with as little interference from medical personnel. At the end, they hoped for a safe and peaceful birth for their child.

Unfortunately for them, there was something else in the cards. Nichole began to experience contractions earlier that she anticipated, so she was immediately taken to medical center. The midwife that they hired didn’t have the required medical care equipment that was necessary for serving a premature baby that wasn’t up to 36 weeks old.

Also, it seemed like she chose the worst time to go into contractions, as the couple were greeted by a ferocious blizzard as soon as they let the house and made for the hospital.

As soon as Nicole discovered that her brother Raymond was busy filling out at the Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial Hospital in Fremont, Michigan, there was a sense of relief that struck her. It was actually not the turn of her brother to take his shift at the hospital but by their luck, it was her sister-in-law who was assigned to be her nurse.

Nichole new that her full family was with her, and she went into labor. After she had been in labor for about 40 hours, Nichole gave in and requested that she get an epidural. After she had gone what very well seemed like an eternity, Nichole eventually gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl.

However, as the doctors were gearing up to stretch her up, what they saw caught them by surprise.

Nichole a never gotten an ultrasound, and the only way she assures she was having a baby was through approximation. After they gave birth to Blakely Faith, the doctor screamed that he could see another head. The baby boy was hidden so much that his kicks and movements were hidden.

Matthew took to Facebook, saying, “Even though I’m more of a natural person, certain things happen for certain reasons and there are times when ultrasounds are necessary. God has a bigger plan in store for us, and He showed us that he controls our lives. It’s all up to him, and we trust that whatever surprise is thrown our way is part of His plan”

We all sometimes find it hard to come to terms with plans and incidents that are unexpected. Although not all of these bring joy, events still happen for the better.