Mom Finally Gets Devastating Diagnosis For Bruise That Appeared On Daughter’s Leg

May 14th, 2019

“ It could have been in her jeans, in the location where it bit her. We just don’t know.”

Kristine Donovan noticed a small, bluish-purple bruise on the back of her daughter’s knee. Kailyn is 5-years-old and Kristine assumed that it was just a regular bug bite. She thought that it was from their backyard. She did not expect it to be something worse than a bug bite.

Even though she had a bite mark, they still allowed her to go to school, but they already started to worry. Later that day, Kristine received a call from her daughters’ school saying that Kailyn had a fever. They immediately brought her to her pediatrician. As soon as the doctor took one look at the bite mark, they were told to rush her to the hospital.

Two days later, the bite got worse. It started turning black!

According to the infectious disease specialist at UMass Memorial Hospital, the bite was caused by a black widow spider.

As a mom, you will always notice even the tiniest bite mark on your child’s skin. But we always assume that it’s nothing and there’s no reason to worry. It will just go away on its own after a couple of days. However, there are times that we are completely wrong. This is what happened to Kristine.

The venom of a black widow kills the flesh around the bite. This is why Kailyn’s skin turned black. Thankfully, she was at the hospital in the hands of her doctors so she received treatment and the bite started to heal. Still, she is walking with a limp but her parents are glad that she is now safe and out of danger.

Kailyn’s parents, Kristine and Josh, want to make sure that his will never happen again to their daughter. They also want to help spread awareness so that other kids are also protected from black widows that might be lurking on other people’s backyard. They advise parents to always “trust their gut.”

According to Healthline, black widows are reclusive and they are not usually aggressive. Unlike other spiders, they will not seek you out to bite. They only bite as self-defense if they feel threatened. They usually live in dark or hidden spots like in piles of rocks, leaves, or wood.

But they can also hide in other dark places like the inside of your shoes if you store them somewhere dark, in your piles of unused blankets, the crevices of your porch furniture, or maybe in between stones in a rock wall. It is important not to disturb these piles and to keep your children out of these areas.

If a bite mark is questionable, and if you think something is wrong, have it checked right away. The Mayo Clinic suggests that if you ever find an unknown bite mark on your child’s body, seek medical attention right away, especially if your child starts to feel pain, stiffness, or excessive sweating. Some symptoms may also include difficulty breathing, nausea, chills, headache, and weakness.

Remember that with healthy adults, a black widow bite will not possibly cause death. But for young children, the elderly, and also those with weakened immune systems, they are more susceptible to this kind of complication.

If you have any doubt that the bite is from a poisonous spider, go to your doctor right away!