Mom Facing Major Backlash Because Of Photo She Posted Of Her Newborn The Day He Was Born

Nov 23rd, 2021

Constance has her own brand of parenting, and she isn’t ashamed of letting the world know.

Having- and nurturing- a baby is definitely not an easy task by any sense of the word.

It is also not easy when you are a parent and you have to live in the public eye, as people all over you will end up criticizing every single move that you make.

A woman was made to find that out this past week.

Constance Hall, author and mommy blogger, recently gave birth to her fifth bundle of joy. She named him Raja, and she took to social media to share the news of the latest addition to her family with her legion of followers and friends.

In the image, Constance is seen on a hospital bed. She was on her phone, and was holding a can containing a popular fizzy drink. Denim Cooke, her husband, was standing over the bed, as he attended to the needs of their newborn baby.

On the image, Constance put the caption, “This is most probably my best picture from the birth of Raja… welcome to the Matriarchy Densy. Yo, the Queen just had a baby”

However, it wasn’t long at all before the Australian mother of five came under serious heat for the picture from other parents on Facebook and Instagram.

The reason for the scrutiny was absolutely ridiculous; apparently, these people re hocked that Constance wasn’t spending every second of her waking hours doting on her child and being the ‘eternally grateful goddess mother’.

One commentator made a joke that there must have been some ‘lit’ content on the group chat, while another person commented that it was obvious Constance was busy on Google looking for some parenting advice.

Constance is never one to bite her tongue and hold back when she comes across some form of criticism, and she immediately clapped back with a follow-up post that was addressed to the haters and everyone who had something negative to say about her actions.

In the post, she wrote, “Yesterday was the day my son was born, and I posted a picture in which I was on my phone. As you can expect, the picture was followed by a few f****** and their stuck up judgments about what I was busy doing on my phone as opposed to spending every second doting on him and being the eternally grateful godless mother”

She continued, “To be very honest, I really don’t think it is anyone’s business what a mother is doing on her phone the day that she gives birth. Whether she decides to go on Google and starts looking for tit jobs in Thailand or is she’s trying to send the photos of her new baby to her mother and her other children at home, it really is not your business”.

From there, Constance went on to clear the air that when it comes to babies and their mothers, there are really only two things that are the business of other people- when a child is being treated wrongly and their own children.

She also paid homage to the ‘Queens’ who showed her support through their comments. Apparently, there were a lot of people who found her actions very relatable, and these people were sure to show up in the comment section with their support.

One woman posted under the picture, “This shot would have actually won an award if that can as a wine”