Mom, Dad, And Teen Son Battling Different Types of Cancer Together At The Same Time

Oct 16th, 2020

Cancer is one of the diseases that nobody wants to have. And for a family, having a loved one battling with cancer is difficult for everybody. And the family of the individual battling with cancer often feels hopeless. The terror of the unknown is overpowering and depressing.

Despite the medications and therapies, nobody knows how the body responds to it. But in 2015, an entire family would experience something that brought them closer together.

Kathy Desclefs had been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma about six years ago. And while still trying to deal with this reality, she learned last August 2019 that her husband, Benoit, had a brain tumor that the doctors deemed inoperable. Now this might have been heartbreaking for the couple. But what made their lives more difficult is when their 17-year-old son, Luke, was diagnosed last October 2019 with Hodgkin Lymphoma.

During her interview with FOX30, Kathy said, “It was too much, especially when it came back down to Luke. It was just too much.”

Luke Desclefs said that he did not have any symptoms before he learned about his diagnosis. He said, “I found a lump on my neck, and I thought it was weird and told my mom.”

Now, the three of them had to battle a different type of cancer with varying prognoses. Kathy’s cancer is very rare that is why her prognosis is unclear. Her husbands’ inoperable brain tumor causes them so much worry because they know that when he will be taken from them is unknown. But according to the doctors, he might have another 12 years at most.

Their sons’ cancer on the other hand is the type that usually responds well with treatment. However, it has a 90% 5-year survival rate. But there is a small percentage of individuals that end up developing Stage 4 of this illness while others are not responding to the treatments at all.

And Luke’s stage is yet to be determined. He needs to have a PET scan so that the doctors would be able to rule out if he has Stage 4 or not.

If these illnesses were not enough, life has thrown more problems for them to deal with. They are also struggling with their family business. They have a family-owned French-American restaurant called “The Magnificat Cafe” in Jacksonville, Florida. The couple and their four kids have worked in this restaurant.

The business has been running successfully for 16 years, but because of their frequent trips to the hospital for their tests and chemotherapies, they had a hard time keeping the restaurant open. They were able to hire some help to keep the restaurant running, but they ended up selling it instead.

Last December, Chef Benoit already started with his chemotherapy treatments while his son was already undergoing them. Talking about their situation, Benoit said, “It’s hard – physically, emotionally – but the prayers help us continue on.”

The family is asking for more prayers and patronage. Kathy said, “We are set up for God to show up because it’s so over the top.” The family believes that with the help of their strong faith, they would be able to pull through these very challenging times.

An online fundraising page has been set up to help the family with their expenses.