Mom Confronts Husky About Her Missing Shoe, Dog’s Comical Response Goes Viral

Sep 14th, 2018

This is one dog that personifies mischief.

Have you ever been in a situation where you found yourself looking for something for hours on end and you just end up assuming that there’s someone who probably knows where it is?

This item hasn’t been stolen, and neither has it moved of its own accord, so the only explanation is that someone else in the house moved it. Sometimes, it is really difficult for you to get someone to admit that they were the ones who actually did it, but you can imagine if the only living soul in the house was actually a dog.

This is the scenario that a woman found herself in. This woman woke up to find that she didn’t know where one of her favorite workout shoes were.

She usually puts them away in the exact same place whenever she takes them off, but they weren’t there this time. So who could have taken them? The only ones in the house were her and her mutt, Azlan. But why in the world would a dog hide a pair of shoes? Would she even want them back if it turned out that the dog had them?

A lot of dogs have an affinity for chewing shoes, and some even sniff them, but is it possible for a dog to take the time to hide a complete pair? If it did, to what end?

The woman decided to ask Azlan if he knew anything about the whereabouts of her shoes. She recorded his response on her phone as well. While she already knew that the dog was the guilty party, she just wanted him to admit it. Azlan was poor at hiding his guilt, but he also wasn’t about to give up the location of the shoes that easily.

The woman said, “Azlan, I know you stole my shoes. Now go get them back”

The dog said nothing and just kept looking at the shoe beside him.

He knew very well what she was talking about, but he also knew that he might have gotten in trouble if he said where it was outright. So, he decided to play dumb for a bit.

He finally decided to give up where the shoes were before he got in even more trouble. Without barking, he turned and waked out of the room. This same conversation has occurred between the dog and his owner many times and none of those previous conversations ended well for him. He always had to return the shoes, and his owner was always angry with him.

He finally returned with the shoes in his mouth and hands the over to the owner.

Luckily, the shoes had not been peed on or chewed and they were in perfect condition. The woman got to put the shoes on as she headed out to the gym, and there was no much trouble for Azlan this time.

Alan didn’t seem to be overly sorry for what he did, and there’s a high probability that this will happen again sometime in the future. It’s definitely a god thing that Azlan’s owner loves him. She can’t get upset for too long with him, no matter what he does. That’s probably why he kept on taking her shoes.

Azlan will have to learn how to leave his owners shoes, but this might not happen if she keeps enabling him and refrains from giving him some discipline.

Dogs seem to only be interested in arguments, so stern talks definitely won’t work. Maybe taking one of his chew toys would work.