Mom Complains About Neighbors’ “Wild” Dogs, Now, Her Son Is Dead

Apr 6th, 2021

Mom Complains About Neighbors’ “Wild” Dogs, Now, Her Son Is Dead

When dogs are trained well, they can be very sweet and friendly, even to kids. That is why it is the dog owners’ responsibility to ensure that they can control their pets. They need to have the confidence that even when they are not at home, or when the dogs manage to get out of the house, these canines will not cause any harm.

This will ensure that everyone in the neighborhood is safe from your dogs. And what happened to this three-year-old boy will not happen to anyone in your community.

Three-year-old Aziz Ahmed was playing in his backyard in Carteret, New Jersey when he was brutally attacked and killed by a neighbors’ dog. The neighbor has two “wild” pit bulls who escaped from their property and targeted the innocent boy in a vicious attack.

The boys’ mother tried to save him but was unable to stop the dogs from attacking her son. She was also critically injured after the attack.

She already knew how vicious these dogs are. Even before the attack happened, the mother had twice complained to the dog owners about their “wild” pit bulls. She told them that she did not feel safe around the dogs. She also told them that the dogs posed a threat to her son.

But the neighbors chose to ignore the complaints. They continued to let the dogs out despite the potential harm and danger that they could cause. And because of this irresponsibility, a three-year-old child is dead, and his mother is in critical condition.

The familys’ relatives confessed that the mother had already warned the neighbors about their vicious pets. One person said, “The mother went to the neighbor two times to let her know the dog is wild. It’s out of hand. And you know, the owner laughed it off.”

The tragic incident was captured by a surveillance video. The video showed Aziz’s father, Tanveer Ahmed, how his boy had been mauled to death. In the footage, it shows that the dog owners used cinder blocks to try to block their dogs from entering the yard that belonged to the Ahmeds’.

Footage also showed paramedics trying to revive the boy with chest compressions as they hauled him away from the yard in a gurney. The poor boy died at the scene of the incident. The mother was also taken away from the scene by first responders.

Police officers had no choice but to shoot both dogs at the scene.

A coworker, Jack Beyda, said, “They are from Pakistan originally, and he’s a great family guy. He has three little boys. He’s very, very hardworking. He worked very hard to provide for his family, and he saved up enough money to move out here from Brooklyn; he saved up enough to buy this little house.”

Carteret Mayor Dan Reiman shared a statement to the media about the attack. “Our prayers are with the family affected by a dog attack at a private residence on Laurel St. Thank you to the first responders who rushed in to attend to the victims, who are being transported by helicopter for emergency medical care. That’s all the information we have at this time.”

After losing one of his three sons and his wife still recovering at the hospital, Tanveer Ahmed will never forget the time that he came home only to see a red pair of sneakers his son had left behind.