Mom Captures Candid Photos That Perfectly Describe Motherhood

May 18th, 2016

A photo series titled “Letdown”, in reference to the moment when breast milk lets down to the baby while nursing, was created by New York City photographer Anna Ogier-Bloomer. Her goal was to share the challenges and joys of being physically and emotionally attached to another being.

Many of her images are candid and spark massive conversation about what it means to be a mother.

Ogier-Bloomer’s daughter, Violet, was born in 2013. She was colicky and didn’t sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time during her first 2 years, which made for a very exhausted mother. It was difficult for the woman to dedicate the time she needed to her project because she was consumed by parenting, yet the end result was absolutely perfect.

Setting up her camera to capture a shot was virtually impossible and at times, she did have to rely on her husband to push the shutter.

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Many of Ogier-Bloomer’s photos show images of her nursing Violet. She was 18-months-old before she was weaned off of breast milk. Like other mothers, breastfeeding was a challenge. In addition to showing the unique bond between mother and child while feeding, the images showed the gruesome effects that can accompany breastfeeding.

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Images showed the woman with bruised nipples and scratches along her neck.

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Contrary to those agonizing moments, Ogier-Bloomer reveled in the opportunities that she was able to provide sustenance for her child. She recalled a moment when Violet struggled to eat during her first few days following birth. It pained the woman to see her child suffering and she was grateful that she no longer had to face those issues. She described breastfeeding as one of the greatest joys of her life.

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Her photo series is such a raw portrayal of what it means to be a mother. She doesn’t attempt to censor the difficulties or paint motherhood in a perfect light.

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Many can relate to the ups and downs this woman has experienced, which is why her work has received such massive praise thus far.

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