Mom Calls Police After Finding What Was Stuffed Inside Teddy Bear Her Daughter Won At Town Fair

Oct 10th, 2018

As a parent, you might want to be more careful about the kinds of toys that your children play with.

A mother who resides in Tennessee has made a rather unsetting- to say the least, that is- discovery.

The woman checked to see what was inside a stuffed teddy bear that her daughter had won while participating in an event at the Wilson County Fair, and what she found nearly blew her mind.

According to a report by the Lebanon Police Department, Apparently, there was a camera in the stuffed toy teddy bear; one that shares a striking similarity to the “nanny cam”.

Police officers were able to track the teddy bear back to the shop where it was originally won by the child, and the operator denied having any prior knowledge of the fact that there was a camera hidden in the bear. He went further to say to the investigators that the usually gets the prizes he gave away in bulk, and he gets them from a discount supplier whose business is based out of Georgia.

There was a statement that was released that summarized this investigation, and it was putt on the Facebook page of the police department. The statement, in part, read, “One of the major possibilities that we are currently investigating is the possibility that this teddy bear could have actually been a ‘’nanny cam’ (or a surveillance camera, if you will) that was returned by the person who purchased it at some point in time.

We ran through the booth for evidence and our search didn’t yield any other teddy bears that has this same characteristic, and we also didn’t find any activity that can be termed as illegal in or around the booth for that matter”

As at the point when the woman found the camera, it was not functional. As a matter of fact, it didn’t even have any significant power source that could make it functional, said the police. Due to this fact, the investigators concluded that the camera was most likely restored because it didn’t work, and it was eventually sold off to the distributor Georgia.

For those who might not know about it, a nanny cam is actually one of the most revolutionary security devices of our time.

Mothers make use of nanny cams to keep tabs on their babies when they’re not with the, and these little babies have definitely proven to be very effective security and surveillance tools. Some of the advanced kinds of nanny cams even have functionalities such as Wi-Fi access, video and audio recording, high definition output, expandable memory (which will increase the amount of footage that can be captured) ad much more.

All of these features help see to the fact that mothers are able to watch their children, and the discretion that comes from the being put in toys and their materials will also help aid their effectiveness.

However, just as it is with most surveillance devices, a lot of people have been known to misuse nanny cams, and this is the major reason why this particular discovery is a tad unsettling. Identity theft, robbery and kidnapping are just some of the vices and atrocities that could be committed with the use of nanny cams, and this mother was just trying to be security-conscious.