Mom Beats 2-Year-Old To Death Because He Wet His Diaper

Dec 2nd, 2019

No matter how difficult it would be, every mom does everything without complaints. This is why everyone was shocked after learning that a mother beats his toddler son to death just because of a ‘soiled diaper.’

A 23-year-old mother was charged for the murder of her 2-year-old son after she beat him to death. The woman in question is Trinity Grace Pittman. The Georgia woman reportedly beat her son repeatedly because she got angry after he soiled his diaper.

When she brought her son to the emergency room, she initially claimed that he fell off a trampoline. Maybe it was out of guilt because later on, she confessed that she beat him until he passed out. The woman has been arrested and was charged with counts of felony murder and first-degree child cruelty.

The warrant says: “Trinity Pittman exhibited a general disregard for the welfare of her own child Conner Perry and acted out of personal spite towards the child leading to physical injury.”

11Alive reported that the medical officials noticed that the boys’ injuries did not coincide with Pittman’s story. His state revealed that he suffered from bruises and injuries. The boys’ abdomen was full of blood. His lungs were also filled up with fluid. According to the police, the mothers’ story did not add up with that of her boyfriend, 24-year-old Jeremy Davis.

Later on, she confessed that she made up the entire thing. She said that she hit him because she was angry at him for soiling his diaper. She also said that she hit him multiple times and at one point, the child fell on the floor and hit his head. She said that after this incident, the child ‘went to sleep.’ Pittman then went back to work as if nothing happened.

She left her son with her 4-year-old child and with Davis. She also lied to him about the incident and told him that the child fell off the trampoline. However, Davis, later on, noticed that the child was vomiting and he had trouble breathing. So he called her up and told her what happened. She then took the child to the hospital.

Unfortunately, the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta pronounced him dead.

According to the Fox 5 Atlanta reports, the child suffered from terrible injuries. This included a broken jaw, cuts, as well as bruises to his face. He also had bleeding from the brain and the detectives revealed that he was also missing some of his teeth.

The boy was taken to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and did not survive his injuries. His autopsy reports also revealed that he had new and old injuries.

When the internet caught wind of this tragedy, it sparked outrage. Social media reacted strongly to the case and condemned the mother of her actions. One user wrote: “Very sad! I agree, too bad these abusive parents don’t let someone care for the child who wants one! I hope this poor child finds comfort in God’s hands.”

No responsible mother would have the heart to hurt a child like how Trinity Pittman did to her own kid. Pittman already made her initial court appearance and was denied bond. Her other child is currently staying with her relatives.