Model Offers To Be Surrogate Mother For Her Best Friend

May 17th, 2016

Lots of people say they’d do anything for their best friends, but this pair of besties from Australia sets the bar pretty high.

Models Rosie Luik and Lauren Lichtnauer were longtime friends. For years, Rosie had seen Lauren and her husband, Myron, struggle with infertility. They tried IVF 21 times! Anyone who has had a hard time conceiving a baby knows that it can be a frustrating and painful process. And anyone who has watched someone they love go through it has wished they could do something. Rosie did something extraordinary.

Rosie explained to Australian “60 Minutes,” “I just blurted it out, I said, ‘look, we’ll discuss it later, but basically I’m going to have your baby.’” What would inspire such an extreme offer? “I knew I was good at it. I’d had three babies. I had never had a complication. I just wanted to help Lauren,” Rosie said. Is that friendship, or what?

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Rosie became a surrogate, and ended up pregnant with Lauren’s twins. As grateful as Lauren was, it was hard, too. She explains her mixed feelings, “I was jealous she got to carry these babies, but I was also in complete utter amazement and awe that someone would love me and find me special enough to do that for me.”

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Then something crazy happened. Shortly before the twins’ due date, Lauren found out she was pregnant. She was afraid Rosie would be mad at her, but Rosie was thrilled for her.

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Now Lauren and Myron have gone from years of infertility to being parents to three young children.

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The twins call Rosie their “Tummy Mummy.” The roundabout path to parenthood has only brought the friends closer.

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Rosie said “Seeing my best friends face when they were placed in her arms was just magical and it’s something I will never forget.”

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Talk about a true blue friend.

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