Military Mom Places Proud Sticker On Her Car Window, Returns To Find Note Stuck To Her Windshield

Jan 10th, 2019

Military men are heroes, and so are the parents as well. The fact that they did a good job of raising such selfless individuals willing to dedicate their lives to keeping others safe should be applauded. They also have to live with the uncertainty of having their kids so far away from home. Which is another reason why they should be appreciated?

Some of these proud military parents proudly display stickers on their car to show who how proud they are of what their kids are doing. Jodi St. Clair is one of such parents and she had every reason to put that sticker on display. She had two sons serving in the military.

Her 22-year-old son Jacob was serving in Korea while the other 20-year-old Daniel is in North Carolina. her car bears to stickers that testify to this. One reads: “My sons defend our freedom,” the other says, “proud parent of a soldier. ”

One day she met someone who felt the need to appreciate her sons. That appreciation came in the form of $20 bill and note attached to her windshield. The note and the money was dropped by a stranger and it read:

“Dear ‘Proud Parent’: Please either send this $20 to your Army Soldier for a meal. If he/she is in the Middle East, either use it to buy a care or comfort kit or save it for his/her return. I pray for our military around the world every night, especially those serving in dangerous areas or in one of our wars. Godspeed, Shelley.”

Jodi was surprised by the kind gesture of the stranger and wanted to kind her personally for the note and money. The story was soon featured on Fox News and many people who heard about the stranger’s act had nothing but wonderful comments for her. One comment read:

“Thank you, Shelley. You brought tears of happiness to many, many eyes, including mine” another person said, “Amen. Great act of kindness. Thanks to all the men and women in the military. God bless the US.”

But some people opined that the stranger probably didn’t want all the attention that the story was bringing her and probably she would have loved to remain anonymous.

One person wrote “The donor of the money and note should not be sought. She wasn’t looking for any acknowledgment; she wanted to commit a random act of kindness, which by definition is an anonymous act.”

But Jodi’s husband quickly came in to clear the air concerning that, giving an update on their search for Shelley, “What the newscast does not show is that the note has Shelley’s FULL name on it and is written on USO letterhead. The reason I know that is Jodi is my wife and the two boys, Jacob and Daniel, are my sons. We were able to find Ms.

Woods and took her out to lunch last Friday. ”

Many other parents, especially with children in the military, commented, praising Shelley’s act. One remark read: “THAT is a decent person who appreciates the sacrifices of our military men/women, and took the time to make their load a little lighter to bear. Thanks, Shelly” another read, “I’m a military mom, too — love stories like this! God Bless the Shelleys of this world.”

Another military mom who has had a similar experience of unusual appreciation shared her story as well, “My two sons also serve in the army. And, yes, I have a sticker on my car. While stopped at a red light I had a woman yelling from her car next to me to thank them for their service. It really made me smile!”

Shelly’s head really went a long way to show sincere appreciation for military men and what they do. They really deserve to be appreciated.