Marine Screams In Excitement After Finally Reuniting With His K9 Partner

Nov 20th, 2020

They say that dogs will remember their owners for the rest of their lives. And dogs are loyal to their partners, no matter what happens. They will always keep in their hearts and minds the friendship that you both shared.

That is why military soldiers are very important in soldiers’ or marines’ life. They are trained to be the humans’ partner during dangerous tasks and missions. And the training that these dogs have to go through is not easy. It’s vigorous and usually takes a long time for them to be ready to face the battle with the human partners.

And when the dog passes the screening tests and completes training, they are then assigned to their human handler. And they will work together, protecting each other through life and death.

And during these times, the handler and his or her K9 will develop a bond that will help them work efficiently together. It is not easy to be a soldier or a marine, and it is surely not easy for a dog to be their partner. They are taught skills like detecting dangerous substances and live bombs and even protect their humans when needed.

And after years of their service to the military, these dogs will retire. And if they are lucky, they will be adopted and live in a safe and loving home. But when their dogs retire, thinking about being separated from them is going to be heartbreaking. That is why many handlers decide to adopt their K9 partners.

But that doesn’t happen easily. Sometimes, they need to separate for a while and their reunion will always be special.

When the CBS News anchor opens up a story about U.S. Marine Canine Handler, Sea Sergeant Jacob Varela, and his sweet reunion with his military dog partner that he has been working with for more than a year.

Atilla code R7-89 is a 9-year-old German Shepherd. Atilla and Sgt. Varela reunited at the Midway International Airport, Chicago back in 2019. And the reactions when they saw each other once again was priceless. Sgt.

Varela and Atilla have not seen each other for three years. And the time that they spend together at the Lackland Air Force Base was enough for them to have a special bond. During his interview with WBS News, Sgt. Varela said, “We were together for everything, like everywhere I went, he was with me. ”

And when they finally reunited at the airport that day, it is apparent that they shared memorable moments with each other. They both ran to meet each other in the middle. The dog leaped on his partners’ arms with so much joy, wagging his tail back and forth.

And his human partner is equally excited to meet him too. You can clearly hear his high-pitched screams as he hugged his dog, not caring if hundreds of people were looking at them at the airport.

When Atilla retired, Sgt. Varela knew what he had to do. The dog worked as a trained combat tracker and has been working with the force until he was ready to retire. And when his human partner learned about this, he knew that he had to adopt Atilla. And thankfully, with the help of Kristen Maurer from Mission K9 Rescue, the adoption process went smoothly.