Manager Asks Boy With No Arms And His Family To Leave Restaurant

Feb 22nd, 2021

Children with differences are special. Just like this kid named William Bancroft. He is three years old and was born without arms. However, this does not stop him from enjoying his life, as other kids do. He can almost do anything on his own.

Even at a very young age, he already learned how to use whatever he has – his feet!

He can even eat by himself. This is why he and his family can go anywhere they want and eat at any restaurant because William is a very independent boy. Recently, the Bancroft’s decided to have their breakfast at IHOP located in Springs, Ark. Everyone was so excited because this is their first time to dine at IHOP. William can’t wait to have his first IHOP pancake!

But what supposed to be a fun family breakfast, turned out to be a traumatic experience for them.

As William tried to pick up the syrup dispenser using his feet, like he learned how to with anything that he does, the restaurant manager approached them. His words were like daggers in their chests, especially to William. The manager surely has something to say, but it definitely hurt the Bancroft’s.

The boy was told not to sit on the table and eat with his feet. William’s mom, Alexis, told the manager that she always makes her son wash his feet (since he has no hands) before he eats. Still, the rude manager insisted that if William continued to touch anything with his feet, the boy would be considered as a ‘health department issue.’

The mom was so outraged to the point that she questioned him whether he always goes around the restaurant to ask the diners whether they washed their hands or not. This is when the manager realized that what he did was very inappropriate. No matter how much he apologized for what he did, the damage is done – William and the rest of his family were hurt. Words are more painful than physical pain.

The family decided to leave IHOP because they could not stand how their son was treated. Nobody deserves to be treated that way.

As the family was leaving, they noticed that the other guest also left the place after what they witnessed. They did this to support William and his family. When they arrived home, Alexis decided to share this traumatic experience with social media. Her story went viral instantly and even the IHOP manager learned about her post.

He tried to apologize again through his Facebook post. The other employees told Alexis that they too were ashamed of how their manager handled the situation.

One of the employees said, “Me and a few other servers were completely SHOCKED that our manager did that.” IHOP also released a statement stating that their restaurant does not accept or tolerate ANY type of discrimination. They stated, “The franchise at this location has been in touch with the guest to express his sincerest apologies and will continue to be in communication with her to resolve the issue.”

According to Alexis, this is the first time that her son was discriminated for not having arms. She explained that other restaurants that they have been to have no problems with the way William eats. In fact, many people were amazed that despite his disability, William can feed himself. Everyone is hoping that William will never be treated with so much disrespect in the future.