Man Turns To His Wife Of 59 Years Inside A Coffin To Whisper 10 Words

Jul 11th, 2019

We always hear people say that they have found their one true love, but have they really? It’s heartwarming to see people falling in love, no matter how young or old they may be. But isn’t it amazing when we see old people showing how much love they have for their husband or wife? This is what this story is all about. A story that stood the test of time.

No matter who you are or where you are from, losing a loved one is not easy to get by. Even though death is inevitable, it will always be painful. The emptiness is unfathomable and getting over it is almost impossible. Saying your final words would be the hardest thing to do. So when a man had to say goodbye to his wife of 59 years, it was one of the most heartbreaking moments that everyone has witnessed and the internet surely felt the sadness and grief that this man felt that day.

“‘Til death do us part” was surely given a different meaning by this man named Bobby.

This story was originally posted on Facebook and the person who shared this passionately notes what happened that day. The post reads:

“This man, this devoted man, had shown more grace in his time of grief than many do in times of plenty. I stood by in awe, watching faithfulness on display.”

Bobby needed to say goodbye to his wife. But this was that one of the most heartfelt moments which also gave his children the hope for never-ending love and loyalty. Bobby’s wife passed away and when he arrived to visit him, he did so an hour ahead of the visitation time. He needed to spend every last moment with her.

While looking down at her, he bent down with trembling knees to kiss her lips one last time. He said:

“I know you can’t hear me, but I love you.”

Bobby stayed beside his wife for an hour keeping her company even though she can’t see, hear, or feel him anymore. He would touch her hand and try to connect with her while he still could because he knew that sooner, she will be taken away from him. Still, he sat there quietly until other family members and friends arrived to pay their final visit too.

When others approached to say their goodbyes to her, he just stayed there beside her, telling others how good she still looked. Bobby didn’t want to waste these last moments with her.

“Never had I seen a man so broken, robbed of his happiness by the curse of death. I wondered as I watched him, what would he do tomorrow and the day after that? Today was the easy part,” the Facebook post said.

The author knows that the days following this moment would be much harder and lonelier. “Tomorrow, after she is laid deep in the ground, and he returns to their home, what then. Her things will still be there – the smell of her skin, scribbled grocery lists, her favorite chair, leftovers in the fridge, their bed. Their bed.

How does one sleep alone after 59 years of lying next to your best friend. I can’t imagine ever sleeping again.

Everyone knows that Bobby’s life will never be the same. Life may be full of sorrow and sadness, but because of how Bobby shows his undying love for his wife, this gives us the hope that true love exists in this world.