Man Sees Mom Walk Into Doctor’s Office And Asks Her One Question That’s Making Him Famous

Jan 16th, 2019

Racism is one of the many ills that is plaguing our world today. Even though one would expect that given man’s advancement and civilization, racism should be an issue that divides us anymore, the sad reality is that we live in a world where many still dissociate themselves from others and even refuse to help them because of how they look.

But in the midst of all the hate in the world, Natasha Crittenden Wilson found a ray of sunshine on a visit to the doctor’s office and she was surprised by it she decided to share a picture of it to the world.

Natasha was waiting in line to see the doctor when she witnessed an unlikely interaction between a woman and an elderly gentleman. The man was sitting in the waiting room with an adorable toddler in his lap while the baby’s mother was filling out some paperwork nearby.

it was obvious this woman wasn’t in any way related to the elderly man, but from the way he was caring for the baby while mom was busy nearby, it was obvious the old man didn’t even care about that.

This sort of friendly interaction wasn’t something that you’d see on a typical day and Natasha was shocked by it. As someone who still sees it day to day in the South where she lives, she never would have imagined that there were still people who would set-asides differences so easily and lend a hand to others.

Thankfully, this caring man wasn’t one to discriminate and the photo of him holding the baby is a clear picture of what Natasha and a lot of us would love to see in the world.

Nana witnessed the scene and when she realized the deeper implications of the man’s action, she realized how important it really was and decided to take a photo and share with the world.

   “I was in the waiting room at the doc office today and this lady walked in with her sleeping baby. They handed her paperwork to do & as she was sitting there trying to figure out how to hold her sleeping baby while filling out the paperwork, this man, from across the room, asks her if she would like for him to hold her baby while she did her paperwork. .

”  she wrote.

The happy mom was glad the man offered to help and she agreed to have him help her out and handed over the baby to him while she went on to fill the medical forms. it might not seem like too much of a help, but the man’s offer meant something to the mom and to Natasha as well who watched the whole thing transpire.

It’s common for many people to cringe at the thought of holding a baby that is not theirs. But this man was so glad to be doing this and even did the work excellently as he cuddled and soothed the baby while mom was away.

   “This man went over there and rocked and loved on that baby like he was his!! My heart Melted!!! Racism is still VERY real in our society today BUT THIS MAN GAVE ME HOPE & a sweet memory I’ll never forget!!  If you know this man tell him what an amazing person he is!!”

It’s not a scene you’d see every day and everyone who has seen the picture on social media put in a word or two to appreciate this lovely man. In a world filled with hate and racism, the man is living proof that probably all is not lost after all.