After Man Proposes To His Girlfriend, He Turns To Her Sister And Gets Down On One Knee

Nov 20th, 2020

When you marry someone, you are deciding to love and accept the person and everything he or she is. This could also mean accepting all the details big and small of the individual’s life including the people they hold dear and important. One groom decided to do just that and prove his love to his bride by openly accepting the most important person in her life as part of his life as well.

While everyone would expect that the bride would be the center of attraction at her wedding, the groom at a recent wedding decided to do the unconventional and asked the beautiful bride sister to come forward for her vows too. Asides the wedding vows that were said that day, the groom and his bride’s sister who also happened to be the bridesmaid at the wedding also said their vows too with a few different wordings of course.

Hannah and Ashley are two sisters that have been a part of each other’s life right from the onset. They did everything together, and while most people don’t bring all that into their marriage or add it officially as part of their wedding program, Ashley’s groom decided to openly honor his bride relationship with her sister during their wedding.

Right from the moment Hannah was born, Shaley knew they were going to be close. The pair shared a beautiful relationship, and even as they grew, both of their lives became even more intertwined. Ashley soon realized that her sister was different from the other kids around, She was born with Down syndrome.

Typically kids would want to take advantage of that and bully her, Ashely knew she had to always be around to protect her kid sister. She soon took up the responsibility and did all that was in her capacity for her to do for her sister.

But as the sister grew older and became adults, Ashley had to come to terms with the fact that something might come in between them in the long run. She made the realization when she met the love of her life. Now her love and attention would have to be divided impartially between the two most important persons in her life.

However, Ashley ensured that she made Will see how important Hannah is to her life every step of the way. For her, anyone who wanted to marry her would have to be ready to accept her sister as a part of her life as well. Luckily for her, Will was the perfect man for the job. He welcomed Hannah into their relationship with open arms.

Will and Hannah soon formed a strong friendship, and as his relationship with her sister blossomed, Will also learned to take Hannah as his sister as well. In fact, on the day he was to propose to Ashely he had everything planned out to accommodate her sister as well. He invited both ladies out to the meadow and got on one knee before his lover to propose to her.

He turned to her sister as well and asked her to be his best friend forever.

You can imagine Ashley’s happiness. Now she won’t have to worry about her husband not treating her sister. Will was fulfilling her greatest desires. Watch the video below to see the adorable moment Will said his vows to both sisters. What’s your thought about what he did?