Man Finally Accepts Jesus After Seeing An Image Of Him In The Clouds

Sep 14th, 2020

Have you seen anything amazing in the clouds? They say that seeing an image in the clouds is just your mind playing tricks on you. They are all abstract images that sometimes, only you can see. But for this London man, what he saw in the skies and captured on the photo is definitely something that changed his perception about Jesus.

Mr. Jones posted an image on his Facebook account claiming that Jesus appeared in the clouds and he caught it on camera. This is such an eye opener for Mr. Jones because he said that he had so much doubt if God truly existed. And when he saw the image in the clouds, he was convinced that Jesus is real.

He said that after the photo was taken, he repented and has accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior.

Other people also see Jesus in these photos. The cloud formations show His image. In fact, Mr. Jones is not the only one who claimed that he saw Jesus in the clouds. Others have also shared their experiences.

Life can be difficult at times. It can be work, friends, family, or personal issues that you have to tackle day-in-day-out. Sometimes, going out and breathing in some fresh air while you watch the beautiful clouds in the skies is your only way to have a break from your hectic life.

But if this is not possible, then use your internet. Check out photos like this online and enjoy the beautiful skies and what the clouds are trying to tell you.

Aside from Mr. Jones, adventistmission. org shares that a 10-year-old boy saw Jesus crucified in the clouds. According to the story, the 10-year-old boy approached his teacher, Anna Smirnova after class and told her that he’s got a secret.

Smirnova just looked at him, puzzled. The boy, Murad, joined her class at the start of the school year. The boy had never spoken to her before that is why she was shocked when he started talking.

According to her, Murad said, “I’ve got a secret to tell you.” Then the teacher responded, “What is it?” The boy then told her that he witnessed an unusual cloud formation when he left his home a couple of years ago. Murad said that he had seen a cloud that looked like a man hanging on a cross.

Murad explained, “I didn’t know who it was until I heard you telling of Jesus. When you spoke about Jesus, I remembered those clouds… I don’t know what to do. He told me in secret. His parents forbid him from believing in Jesus.”

The teacher then shared in an interview that the boys’ words broke her heart. She said, “He cried when he told me his secret. He didn’t know what to do with the information.”The teacher then explained that she was convinced that Jesus was reaching out to the young boys’ heart through the clouds. She added, “The most important thing is God finishes the work that we start and cannot complete on our own.”

God has ways to reach out to us. Those who do not believe will soon be converted because He will find a way to touch our lives.

Psalm 78:23 – “Yet He commanded the clouds above and opened the doors of heaven.”