Man Dresses Like a Bear and Scares The Wit Out of His Coworker

By Gabrielle Dumka

We are blessed to have wonderful co-workers, ones who thoughtfully remember our birthdays and know to steer clear of us before we’ve finished that first cup of coffee. We know that everybody isn’t as lucky as we are, and this video is proof of that. This shows just the kind of people we don’t want to work with.

You know the person who just loves to prank his co-workers? He thinks he’s hilarious, while everyone else is mildly annoyed or genuinely mad? This is that guy. It’s all fun and games until you give someone a heart attack.

The person behind the camera is watching his co-worker walk along the side of a portable trailer. Some other sick co-conspirator is in a bear suit, waiting on all fours for his unsuspecting “colleague” to round the corner.

When he does come around the corner and sees the “bear”, he drops everything and hightails it out of there. We’re with you, hardworking guy! Don’t stop to investigate whether it’s a real bear or some guy in a bear suit, because what kind of twisted mind would come up with that?

Actually, our able runner did forget what you’re supposed to do when you meet a bear, which is to make yourself large, wave your hands and yell, and slowly back away. We can’t blame him, though, because OMG it’s a bear!

He runs up the road and doesn’t stop. The “bear” comes out, roars and stands on two legs, then does some crazy idiot bear dance. Meanwhile, the guy taking the video can’t help but giggle. By the time he brings the camera back up, our runner is gone.

If you are thinking about pranking your co-workers, just keep in mind that revenge is patient, and you will never be able to relax as long as you work with the person you pranked. The laugh still might be worth it.

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